Huffington Post Challenge – Day Seven

February 27, 2010

Last Day.

Breakfast: Orange Juice
Lunch: Pea Soup w/ Goldfish Crackers, 3 tangerines
Dinner: Home made lasagne at the parents’

Cost: $0.63 for the tangerines

I’m going to bring my Mom that last of the pea soup so she can try it. I gave them two pasties last week; a beef and a lamb. My Dad likes lamb.

I’ll need to go shopping today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow since it’s raining today.

I’ll be cooking tomorrow. Bread. Soup. And I have some lemon chicken in the freezer I need to thaw and cook. I may just cook all of it, then use the left overs for salads, chix a lá king, soup, etc. I still have a sausage left over. And there are pasties in the freezer. Just goes to show how much you can eat for so little. And I wasn’t even buying bargain cuts and taking advantage of sales of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

That pretty much covers the week.

Please tell me if I’m overeating. I weigh 175 lbs so I must be one of those compulsive overeaters that are such a burden to the health care system because they just can’t control their gluttony. Yeah, I’m fat because I eat so much. Just look at how much I eat. I’m just eating all of the time. Non-stop. Gobs and Gobs. I am in a constant state of stuffing my face with binging. No?


I used to weigh 195 lbs. I’ve been gaining 10 lbs a year for the last 6 years.

In August my Doctor switched me from Simvastatin to Lipitor. I’ve lost 20 lbs so far.

Nothing has changed except the meds.

Remember that the next time you decide to attack a fat person for being fat.


Huffington Post Challenge – Day Six

February 26, 2010

Breakfast: Orange juice
Lunch: Tuna salad on home made bread, Pepperidge Farm pretzel fish, banana, 2 Samoas
Dinner: two carrots, three tangerines, Cream of Wheat, 2 Tagalongs

Cost: $0.22 for the bananas, $0.31 for carrots, $0.63 for the tangerines

All other items were either purchased or prepared previously and came from the pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

I did a little grocery shopping. I bought tangerines, butter and ice cream. I’ll make some bread this weekend using the butter. I’ll need to pick up more groceries this weekend. I’m out of sliced cheese. I don’t have to worry about dinner tomorrow as I’ll probably be having left over lasagne at my parents’. For lunch, I might have some of the pea soup.

Huffington Post Challenge – Day Five

February 25, 2010

Breakfast: Orange Juice
Lunch: Lamb Pasty, Jar peaches, two Samoas
Dinner: Pea soup with goldfish crackers, fresh tomato, 2 Tagalongs

Cost: $0 (prepurchased/precooked items)

Today I went to the store and bought 3 bananas at $0.67 a pound. Cost: $0.65. $0.22 each.

I brought in the last four slices of bread from the freezer. I’ll be having a tuna sandwich tomorrow for lunch.

I took a nap rather than make bread today. Also, I have no more butter. So I’ll need to pick up some butter before I make bread. Maybe tomorrow.

Huffington Post Challenge – Day Four

February 24, 2010

Another lovely day.

Breakfast: Orange juice
Lunch: Beef pasty, two Samoas
Dinner: Welsh rarebit on two slices of wheat toast, tomato, mini chocolate bar from Valentine’s

Cost: $0 (leftovers or items purchased previously)

I didn’t feel like pea soup tonight. I’ll have some tomorrow. I think I may have to go shopping too. I’ve got a few jars of fruit but I feel like some bananas and maybe a few tangerines. I don’t really need them, I think I have jars and cans of fruit. And I suppose if this was an eat for a week spending the least amount of money possible challenge, then I’d skip shopping.

I get home from work early tomorrow, so after my nap I’ll need to bake bread. I have a bread machine so I’ll be using that.

Huffington Post Challenge – Day Three

February 23, 2010

Just sailing along.

Breakfast: Orange Juice
Lunch: Tuna salad on whole wheat, Pepperidge Farm Prezel Fish, apple, two Samoas
Dinner: home made sausage, prezel fish, fresh tomato, mini twix from Valentine’s Day.

Cost: $0

Lunch tomorrow will be a pastie. Dinner will be pea soup.

I cooked both sausages correctly this time. I still have a cooked one left over in the refrigerator. I’ll eat it later this week.

Huffington Post Challenge – Day Two

February 22, 2010

It’s Meatless Monday on the Eating In Challenge.

Not a problem. Just the opposite. I don’t eat enough meat. I’m pretty sure. My diet has been too much carbohydrate so I have been trying to eat more meat, vegetables and fruit and less rice, bread and sugar.

Todays menu:

Breakfast: Orange juice $0

Lunch: Apples, pea soup, goldfish crackers, two Samoas $0

Dinner: Welsh rarebit on two pieces of toast, tea, Snickers $0

I purchased all ingredients last week or they were from the pantry or freezer. The Snickers were minis given to me on Valentine’s Day. Yes, they survived in this house that long.

The tea was Tea Forté Earl Gray; very expensive stuff. I have one left (English Breakfast). Very cute but very ungreen. The bags are little pyramid shaped polyester mesh. Very good at making sure no tea leaves float around in your tea, they taste very good, but I can see them not breaking down in the local landfill. And they are very expensive. I think I could buy an entire carton of Twinnings Earl Gray for the cost of a few of these yuppie infusers. Why do I have them? I bought a tray and cup set from them. Will I buy any in the future? No.

I still have six pieces of sliced wheat bread in the freezer. I have four for tuna sandwiches for the tuna salad I made last night. And I have two slices left for the left over Welsh rarebit. All will be eaten this week. And I still have the pasties.

I’ll be cooking the sausages I made tomorrow night. Not the pound in the freezer, the two links. At least now I know how to cook them. Brown them, then add water, cover and steam. Duh. I’ll get it right yet.

I told you I wasn’t that good with meat.

But the one I ate was delicious. Homemade sausages are really delicious, you can control the quality and it’s much easier than making pasta. Which I have also done.

Huffington Post Challenge – Day One

February 21, 2010

Brunch: Orange Juice, apple pie $0.00 (Thanks, Mom)
Dinner: Sausage, pea soup, Samoas. Sausage was free, Pea soup ingredients purchased in previous weeks. Samoas purchased yesterday, $4.00 for 15. $0.27 each. I ate 3. $0.81

Today is the first day of the Huffington Post Eating In Challenge. The Challenge is to avoid fast food, restaurants and pre-processed food for a week by cooking your own food.

Pretty easy since I’m avoiding that stuff anyway.

I’m also supposed to keep track of expenses to compare, but since I don’t eat fast food, in restaurants or buy pre-processed foods anymore, there isn’t much point. In addition, I did most of my shopping last week and am using what’s in the pantry, refrigerator and freezer this week.

Today I slept in last. Got up around 10:00. Read some e-mail. Then my Mom called to say they’re making sausage at 1pm if I want to come over. Don’t bring the dog.

So I started the pea soup I had planned to cook, put the laundry basket in the car (my Mom offered to do my laundry while I made sausage with my Dad), spent time looking for the sausage making attachment since she couldn’t find hers, found it, then found the family tree for her side of the family in my Bible and spent time inputting the data so I could bring it to her.

Took the soup off the stove, petted the dog and left.

I had a mug of orange juice and a slice of apple pie for “brunch”. Gave the crust to her dog. She had used pie crust out of a box that was outdated so it came out….not so great. That’s OK since I want to cut down on white flour like pie crust anyway.

Then made sausage. My Mom had purchased pork shoulder on sale. A neighbor had brought his meat over for grinding and to make sausage. So we all seasoned our bowls to taste and started making it. I was last. By the time it was my turn the machine wasn’t working so well. I was convinced my Dad put it together wrong. He insisted it was fine. I made him take it apart. I was right. But in the meantime my sausages are full of air and don’t look so good. The last few were OK.

After than I gathered my clean laundry, my bag of sausages and came home.

Had one sausage and my home made split pea soup for dinner. And three girl scout cookies. So sue me. I don’t eat cookies very often. Last week I bought four boxes. The two boxes of thin mints are in the freezer waiting until summer. The tagalongs are in the cupboard. And the Samoas I opened.

For lunches this week I have:
Tuna Salad (3 cans from my Mom) and wheat bread (I baked 2 weeks ago) from the freezer.
Cornish Pasties I made last week. (3 each: lamb, beef, pork)
Pea Soup

I also have broccoli, a carrot and an onion so I can make broccoli barley soup. I have tomatoes (thanks Mom) so I can also make lentil soup. I have chicken and lamb in the freezer. I also have frozen spinach.

I may finally make that spinach feta quiche this week.

All in all, I can get buy with very little purchases this week. Good, because it’s the last week of the month and the checking account is a bit anemic.