What I hate about home improvement shows.

October 22, 2011
The thing I hate about home improvement shows, especially those “crasher” shows, is the utter waste.

Okay, so you’re going to gut the bathroom. While it makes great television to take a sledgehammer to a toilet or a pedestal sink, someone can use those fixtures. Take them out intact and recycle them to a salvage place. There is no need to demolish them and add them to our already full landfills.

Why break the windows and mirrors? It might take a bit longer, but they can be removed without breaking them. You an recut a mirror and you can send the windows to salvage.

Just because you don’t like it or don’t want it doesn’t mean it’s trash. Someone else might be crying to have it.

Wasteful. Utterly wasteful.

And so “American”.

We need to stop this mentality. Making TV ratings from it is the wrong direction and the wrong message.


Ladies! The ultimate recycling you’ve been looking for.

April 12, 2010

Years ago I spent an exhorbitant amount of money at Nordstrom for custom lipstick because Shiseido discontinued their 501 Raisin before I could buy a dozen of them. Shortly after a company named Visage Beaute opened at Nordstrom and they did custom lipstick colors. The girl was fantastic and although the shade wasn’t exact it was even better, as was the lipstick itself. Softer, creamier and the color much denser. I also had them make me custom foundation, blush and eyecolor.

When I went back to get more, the girl was gone and the company had been bought out by Revlon. The components had also changed so the original formula wouldn’t work. So the new girl tried to recreate the visage color. It was much closer to the Shiseido color but not as good as the original Visage shade. The color wasn’t as dense and the stick itself was much harder and waxier. Still, I bought half a dozen as I didn’t want to be caught again.

I still have four bottles of foundation in the refrigerator (I don’t wear full makeup that often) plus the second set of lipsticks, some extra blush and eyeshadow and one of the original lipsticks.

But Visage Beaute is long out of business and I know I’m going to want that original shade. So I did a google search. One of the original Visage Beaute people is in business doing custom makeup.

There’s a new company called Three Custom Color Specialists in New York. You can order by mail. $55 for two lipsticks. (They have my favorite pink, Estee Lauder Ceramic Pink, already in their files. I may still order two tubes of that rather than try to recreate it.)

But I decided I wanted to take a crack at mixing my own. It isn’t rocket science. And I have the original Visage card with the color components and the proportions. The “formula”. But the supplies are dicey. Every company has their own shades, numbers, codes, etc. The smallest lipstick mold you can get is for four and it’s $200. Most of the molds you find will make either 12 or 60 or 72 or even 90. I’m not going into business. I just want one lipstick. I’d like to try going to the store and buying lipsticks that match the original Visage color components and mixing them in the proportions on my formula card and see what I get.

Enter lipstixremix. A one stick mold plus everything you need to recycle your old lipsticks. Really. This is the ultimate green product. No throwing away the unused part still in the tube, the tubes etc. You can remelt, pour in the mold and then even recycle your old tube.

I’ve already ordered two. Second one free but you pay extra for shipping. I don’t care. I know my Mom has the same problem I do and might want to give this a shot. If not, it would make a great gift.

$19.95 for the mold and all of the extra stuff in a nice carrying case. ($9.95 shipping for one and $13.95 shipping for two.) I got two for $19.95 plus the extra shipping. Yeah, it’s like one of those late night infomercial deals probably only broadcast locally in Knoxville, TN.