Reality check, John Thune

May 11, 2016

Just wanted you to know that FACEBOOK is a private social media company. It can filter whatever it wants.

And no, the public doesn’t have a right to know. Your right wing thugs have proven that.

If it did then Fox News would be legally required to report the unbiased TRUTH when it reports the news. But a Florida judge said they had no requirement to do so.

So if a news corporation can make stuff up and report anything it wants, I think a privately owned social organization can filter any damned news it wants. If its users want more options, then they can go online to somewhere else and read anything they want.

BTW if you really believed this, you wouldn’t be supporting that fascist Drumpf.


What the fuck is wrong with this country?

October 26, 2012

I can’t believe that asshole Todd Aiken has bounced back in the polls. God save us if any of these bastards get elected.

And Willard Rmoney is still ENDORSING Richard Mourdock.

The Grand Obstructionist Party

September 18, 2012

Learning from history

May 12, 2012

Wordless debate

January 11, 2012
For all the Teabaggers and Repub1%can’ts who continue to blame Clinton and Obama, Liberals and Democrats, etc. for the debt. Here is a picture so you don’t have to move your lips reading the facts.

Stupid is as stupid does.

July 11, 2011

Anyone that votes Republican is voting against their own best interests. That makes them stupid.

The economy simplified.

The jobs crisis simplified.

Democracy for sale? More like SOLD!

May 19, 2011

Since it’s inception in 1973 and extreme right wing group called ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council has been influencing our government and laws more than any lobbyist or money can buy.

They’re responsible for Arizona’s SB1070 driven by both racist and monetary goals. Hey, two birds, right? This is what you get when you privatize prisons. I suppose it’s not surprise the KOCH brothers are heavily involved in this too.

Almost 25% of the laws enacted by Arizona were written by ALEC and were passed almost word for word. Because we’re electing representatives to STUPID or too LAZY to write their own and they are greedy enough to put money before the people of this country. Republicans have been funneling money to the for profit private sector for years. Hmmm. 1973?

So when you see collective bargaining gone, environmental regulations gone, minimum wage gone, child labor laws gone, public education gone, you’ll know who is behind it.

“The centerpiece of Task Force projects is ALEC model legislation. ALEC is the only state legislative organization that adopts policies and creates model legislation for its members to use in their states. To date, ALEC has nearly 1,000 pieces of model legislation.”

Go to ALEC and read some of their propaganda and you’ll understand why so many states are echoing each other. It’s all ALEC legislation designed to deregulate, privatize and then profitize EVERYTHING and all at the expense of the American taxpayer. That is, if you can find any page that isn’t restricted. For all of their talk about transparency, ALEC hides everything they’re doing. Until it’s been passed by YOUR state legislation and you’re screwed. These people are busy redrawing district lines right now. Don’t be surprised if they’ve rigged they system for a permanent Republican majority in every state plus both houses of Congress. Because make no mistake, it’s the Republicans that are owned by ALEC.

Who are our (Republican right wing) legislators getting cozy with? Or I should say who owns them and pulls their strings?

Private Enterprise Board Chairman

Mr. W. Preston Baldwin, Centerpoint360 (2011 Chairman)

Private Enterprise Board Members (as of December 1, 2010)

Ms. Sano Blocker, Energy Future Holdings
Mr. Don Bohn, Johnson & Johnson
Mr. Jeff Bond, PhRMA
Mr. Bill Carmichael, American Bail Coalition
Mr. Derek Crawford, Kraft Foods, Inc.
Mr. John Del Giorno, GlaxoSmithKline
Mr. Matt Echols, Coca-Cola Company
Mr. Jim Epperson, Jr., AT&T Services, Inc.
Mr. Michael Hubert, Pfizer Inc
Ms. Teresa Jennings, Reed Elsevier, Inc.
Mr. Ken Lane, DIAGEO
Mr. Kelly Mader, Peabody Energy
Mr. Bernie McKay, Intuit, Inc.
Mr. Mike Morgan, Koch Industries, Inc.
Mr. Kevin Murphy, ExxonMobil Corp.
Mrs. Sandra Oliver, Bayer Corporation
Mr. David Powers, Reynolds American Inc.
Ms. Maggie Sans, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Mr. Russell Smoldon, Salt River Project
Mr. Toby Spangler, Altria Client Services, Inc.
Mr. Roland Spies, State Farm Insurance Co.
Mr. Pat Thomas, United Parcel Service
Mr. Jerry Watson, Chairman Emeritus

1973. Nixon. Ever wondered where the term “Moral Majority” came from? ALEC. Weyrich, Totten (friends with Reagan), Lukens, (Bribery, Conspiracy, sex with a 16 year old) , Jenkins (Iran Contra). The typical revisionist history has removed these names from the origins of ALEC. Moral Majority indeed. Who can we really thank for this obscene attack on democracy? Why, Ronald Reagan of course. ALEC goes fascist, or is corporatized in the 90s. Pay to play. Scientology contributes. Just in time for Karl Rove and Bush II.

And we were angry about K St. K St. has nothing on these Fascists.

Just wait until info on THE FAMILY goes viral.

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