How I did it.

December 9, 2009

No, I didn’t create a monster. (Blücher!)

Here are the series of articles I read that led me to start taking probiotics.

I stopped taking tetracycline around February because Kaiser wouldn’t renew my prescription unless I went back to the dermatologist. I was too busy, so I just stopped taking them.

So this article, How to get rid of acne, pimples and other skin problems by Mark Hyman, M.D. on Huffington Post caught my eye.

Then in August, I read Is your body burning up with hidden inflammation?. I had become interested in inflammation. My doctor asked me if I was stressed. I said no, but later I looked it up. There are many types of stress your body can be under. One of which is….inflammation. So I looked up inflammation. Now my answer is yes, I think my body has been under stress. But what kind? I know I have high cholesterol. And that could be a cause of hidden inflammation. So this article caught my eye. Notice #6 is Heal your gut.

But I think the article that caused me to actually start taking probiotics was this one: Is your digestive track making you sick? Why? Because I think my gut was thrown out of whack from the years I took tetracycline. Acid blocking medication? You mean like for acid reflux? And did I mention I was having problems with a patch of eczema? I was already doing a lot of the healthy eating things for other reasons. So…I added probiotics.

Now, I don’t believe I have food allergies. I’ve taken the test of a thousand needles and am not allergic to any foods. And don’t even score for cat hair or rag weed. However I still found this article interesting: Are your food allergies making you fat? Why? Because I had gained 60 lbs in 6 y ears. All the doctor could say was I had bad genes. You must be joking. There is something else going on. Well, seems for Dr. Hyman the same 7 dietary steps will cure anything. But there’s nothing he’s suggesting that will hurt me. It’s healthy. So why not?

I’m not sure I’m going to go this far. I don’t have any of the symptoms for being lactose or gluten intolerant.

3 Steps to Eliminate Food Allergens and Rebalance Your Gut Ecology

1. Try an elimination diet for 3 weeks. Cut out the most common food allergens, including gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, yeast, and peanuts. Some people are sensitive to soy, so you can also cut that out.

2. Eat a whole-foods, plant-based, high-fiber diet. This is essential to feed the good bugs in your gut and to provide the nutrients you need to functional optimally.

3. Take probiotics daily to boost the healthy bacteria in your gut. Look for those that contain 10 billion CFU of bifidobacteria species and lactobacillus species. Choose from reputable brands.

Now I realize that as I get older I’ll need to supplement my diet. Doctors never talk about this stuff because they’re pretty clueless when it comes to diet. They only give you stuff when a test comes back really low. I’m supposed to take Potassium. (It’s hard because you have to take it with a meal and I’m almost never home when I eat and don’t remember to take the pills if I carry them around with me.) I’m thinking of adding Vit. D and maybe magnesium. I can’t take every single supplement listed in every single article. But I’m sure I don’t get enough Vit. D. I’m indoors all of the time.

We shall see. But I think I’m at a turning point.

Next stop: Stopping the Synthroid madness and getting on natural dessicated thyroid.


Progressing to a healthier gut.

December 9, 2009

I read an article on Huffington Post about healing your gut before you can begin to identify or address other problems. (check my past posts, I may have linked to it from here.)

While I didn’t take all of the supplements suggested, I did start using probiotics. I take one Goodbelly a day in the morning with a carton of orange juice. (Still no sugar and HFCS, plus I’ve reduce white rice and bread.) Occasionally I have some YoPlus+.

The article said it would take three months or more to start seeing changes.

A year ago I weighed 195.

Now I weigh 180.

I’m not eating less or exercising more. But I’ve changed the quality of my diet.

My blood pressure has been pretty consistently around 130/80 for the last year.

However in the last two months I’ve seen my blood pressure drop and a loss in weight. While not totally consistent, I am getting more readings below 120/70. I weighed 190 in October and am 180 now.

I slowly lost 5 lbs from eliminating the sodas with the HFCS and then eliminating the sodas with sugar. I lost another 5 lbs by reducing white rice and white flour, switching to brown/wild rice and whole grain breads and reducing how often I eat bread.) But another 5 lbs has come off for no particular reason at all. Except I’ve been using the probiotics for three months now. I don’t really think losing such a small amount of weight would result in such a dramatic lowering of my blood pressure.

While I am still sleeping 8-9 hours a night and taking 1-2 hour naps, I have noticed my acid reflux is less of a problem.

Could “healing my gut” result in weight loss and lower blood pressure? Maybe. We’ll see. I’ll tell you one thing it resulted in; less flatulence.

I have a CTA scan next week so I’ll know the state of my atherosclerosis by then.

In the mean time….doctors are hammers. To them the world is a nail in their compartmentalized little specialization. And none of them know much about diet. (Or natural dessicated thyroid). So take what they say with a grain of salt. Figuratively, not literally. You should be reducing your salt intake too.