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January 23, 2010


Told you so.

January 23, 2010

This decision came down days ago.

Why is it the major media outlets either aren’t covering it at all or waited until the weekend to dump it?

Was it so people wouldn’t notice they change in our government? That they wouldn’t notice how they lost their rights? That our country has become a Fascist I.E. Corporate State?

Was it to avoid a rebellion? Trust me, the next revolution will not take place in the streets using guns, knives and pitchforks. I know that is what the police and military are training for. And it’s what the teabaggers think they’ll either have to do or defend themselves from.

Liberals and progressives don’t work that way. Didn’t anyone learn anything from the 60s and Vietnam?


Just like the next World War will not be fought with guns and bombs, neither will our next revolution.

The next World World will be an economic war. It may already be happening. Some country is going to simply destroy the economy of another and take it over on paper. Considering how much paper China holds, it may already have taken place. They own a lot of the United States. And considering the Supreme Court’s recent decision, they can pretty much own the government too. They just have to keep buying companies like they have been, then use their new corporate “personhood” to buy the official of their choice each election.


Thank you, George W. Bush. The History books will NOT be kind. Obama did not put Roberts and Alito on the bench and this will not be blamed on him. You did it all yourself, George. I’m sure with plenty of help from Cheney. No, history will not be kind. They will nail your ass to the wall. I’m sure it’s already being discussed and analyzed in university poli-sci classes and books will be hitting amazon soon. Helluva legacy, Georgie.

Buy them while you can. Pretty soon you’ll be censored as to what books you can and cannot buy. Net Neutrality will be gone. You’ll see a change to the news. Colbert and Stewart will be gone. Not just on the air, I mean gone. There will be a change in the subject of stand up comics; no more political jabs. Those that don’t conform will disappear.

Then they’ll come after the teachers. Textbooks and curriculum will be censored. We’re already seeing that in…. Texas. Wow. Big surprise there.

Canada. I need to add up my points.

In case you have any doubts….

January 22, 2010

or have some sort of twisted idea that the Supreme Court “leveled the playing field” or some such Faux Noise talking point Republican garbage, let me enlighten you.

Jason Linkins has brought up some plausible and frightening facts in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s coup.

The Pinnochio Project, in which the Supreme Court turns a corporation into a real, live boy.

In 2006, USA Today reported: “Nearly one in five U.S. oil refineries is owned by foreign companies. In 2008, it was reported that foreign ownership of U.S. companies “more than doubled” between 1996 and 2005. To get a fix on the spending power, consider this: “The total receipts of foreign-owned companies were $1.7 trillion in 1996 and just $39 billion in 1971.”

That means foreign “companies”, I.E. artificial people, can now vote in our elections. But foreign real people cannot.

In the 2008 election, Barack Obama and John McCain combined to spend about $1 billion, a number that Politico’s Jeanne Cummings called “an unprecedented figure.” And the combined expenditures of the entire 2008 cycle came to “a record-shattering $5.3 billion in spending by candidates, political parties and interest groups on the congressional and presidential races.”





So you see, if this decision has been in place prior to the election, President McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin would be in the White House. And since most corporations have a decided Republican bent, we’d essentially have a one party system, with more and more Republicans getting elected (along with Blue Dogs owned by Corporations) and laws would be for the benefit of those large, for profit, people, not the little guys actually paying the taxes. We’d have that Fascist Theocracy Bush worked so hard to initiate. Well, it just took a little longer than planned, but we’re there. And since you and me are not part of the elite power brokers or über wealthy, we’ll be the serfs who pay for no say. Oh, yeah, kiss your health care goodbye. Kiss goodbye net neutrality, clean air, clean water, safe food, safe cars, just about anything with a regulation to protect you from corporate profit. It’s gone. No limits.

You haven’t seen anything close to abuse of the system yet. Regulations are going to be out the window. Just watch what Lisa Murkowski is trying to do to the EPA. She’s funded by big energy. Now they can really begin to spend to get what they want. They already own the Supreme Court. By 2012 they’ll own ALL of Congress and the White House too.

I never thought I’d live to see the day.

I’ll have to wait until I retire to move to Canada and in the meantime, I’m losing immigration points.

Welcome to the Corporate States of Amerika

January 21, 2010

Your Supreme Court just sold your freedom. The five Republican judges have rewritten the Constitution. And Republicans screamed about Sotomayor being an “activist” judge? Roberts and Alieto both perjured themselves during confirmation both promising to be moderates and not judicial activists. Roberts and Alieto: Bush’s appointees.

Remember that when you go to the polls and see an (R) next to a candidate’s name. (And fuck you Massachusetts) Over the last 30 years Republicans have dismantled the regulations that would have protected us from the economic collapse that has left Americans unemployed, in forclosure, etc.

A corporation is not a person. Not until we can try them in criminal court and put them in prison when they commit financial fraud or murder.

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini.

I said over and over that Bush was leading this country to Fascism but no one would listen, or I was hooted down by the neoconfundietalibangelicalwhackonutjobteabaggers.


Now what?

There is ONE senator that is trying to protect America. Who knew he would be from Florida?

Go. Sign. Pass it on.