I can’t fucking believe how many stupid people there are.

November 8, 2016

I can’t fucking believe there are so many fucking MORONs in this country. Gullible idiots. Uneducated mouth breathers who have learned NOTHING from history. Never mind they couldn’t recognize Trump’s Nazi Germany Fascism and avoid repeating it. They couldn’t even learn from the U.K.’s Brexit fiasco.

Are so many so stupid as to think if they don’t like Trump’s AmeriKKKa after a few months they can just have a do over? Do they think this is some reality TV show where they can just vote him off the island?

This is real and there is no turning back. This cannot be undone.

The House is Republican. The Senate is Republican. That alone is going to put right wing fascist judges in every opening of the Supreme Court. Certainly Merrick Garland will never be confirmed. So up to four in the coming years. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not going to live another four years. She had her chance to retire and let Obama replace her and she didn’t. Now, it’s too late. The Supreme Court will be right wing fascist for decades. It will be 5-4 until it’s 6-3 and then 7-2.

You can look to the end of Obamacare. Gone. Rowe v Wade. Gone. Protections of every kind gone. So we’ll have dirty air, toxic water, bad food. Our protected open space will no longer be protected. Our National Forests will be clear cut. We’ll have oil drilling in the Grand Canyon.

The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer trying to make up for the tax shortfall from those tax breaks for the 1%ers. The only trickle down we’ll get is warm, smelly piss.

Trump plans on paying for infrastructure by privatizing it. So if you drive anywhere, you’ll pay for each stretch of road, each bridge, each tunnel. That means any goods that are shipped are going to go up in price. So higher costs for food and clothing.

Imagine this country with Donald Trump Jr. as Secretary of the Interior and Eric Trump heading the Bureau of Land Management. No limit on hunting 365 days a year. Bag as much as you like of anytihng that moves. Goodbye wolves, coyotes, bears, moose, deer, elk, Bighorn sheep. And so the ecology will be forever out of balance, impacting our food, water and air supply. Chris Christie will be on the Supreme Court or maybe Atty General. Trump will pardon him so he’ll never pay for his crimes. Newt Gingrich our Secretary of State. Rudy Giuliani head of the F.B.I. Maybe even fucking Sarah Palin Secretary of Energy.

It’s a nightmare!

How could so many people be so fucking gullible and stupid? Narrow minded. Short sighted. Self-centered. MISOGYNIST. Did they not think that the rest of us are going to have to suffer under Donald Drumpf too?

Just wait until he makes good on NONE of those vague promised sound bites. In four years, it will be too late for the Democrats to try to put back what has been undone or fix what has been irrepairably broken. It will be too late.

And I will by hoarse from four years of screaming TOLD YOU SO!

You can’t fix stupid.

You can’t bring back the Pika or replant those old growth forests. You can’t put the topsoil back or purify the aquifer.

I really love my house. I love my furniture, my dishes, my plants, my bears, my stuff. I love San Diego.

But I’m seriously considering selling everything for whatever I can get for it and becoming an Ex-Pat. At least then, when the bombs fall, I might be far enough away to avoid the fallout.

I can see me separating all of my worldly goods into replaceable and irreplaceable. Figuring out how much I can afford to put in a shipping container to bring with me to wherever I end up. I think I might be able to keep my sewing machines If I stay in the New World. I think Costa Rica has the same electricity but I’d just need to change the plugs. But if I go to Italy I can’t take the Bernina or Featherweight with me. That’s a vote for staying in North America. Also, I think it will be cheaper to ship it to Costa Rica than to Europe.

I might have to sell the Prius and buy a new one just so I have a reliable car for 4-8 years. The Prius is 8 years old and I’m not sure it will last another 4. There probably won’t be any place to do repairs or get parts in Costa Rica.

If I sold the house for full market (providing the housing market doesn’t tank like everything else) I can pay off the mortgage, home equity loan and credit cards plus have money left over. That would cover relocation. I’ll have about $5,500 a month from my pension. That won’t change. I could probably live pretty well in Costa Rica (or El Salvador or Guatemala or Belize) on $5,500 a month.

To those that voted against their own best interests and were too stupid to see through the Republican LIES, you deserve what you’re going to get. I wash my hands of you.

You own this. You cannot blame the Democrats for the final destruction of the United States of America that our forefathers envisioned for us. You own Trump and the Republicans that will have turned this country into a fascist state. Don’t know what a fascist state is? Well, fucking LOOK IT UP. It’s basically what Ann Coulter was spewing this week. Only the elite have democracy. Everyone else lives under a totalitarin dictatorship. That’s what you just voted for when you elected Trump and gave him a Republican Senate.

This may be the last presidential election you ever vote in. If there are any more, they will simply be formalities. You know. Like those elections in Africa. Robert Mugabe has nothing on Donald Trump.


Sarah Palin, domestic terrorist.

July 4, 2009

I thought it was all over when Sarah Palin suddenly decided to resign in a toss of word salad the likes of which I hoped we’d never hear again.

But it was too good to be true. 24 hours later, on the most “sacred” secular of our patriotic holidays, the day in which we celebrate our freedom, rejoice in our heritage, honor those that have sacrificed and revere our cherished documents: the Declaration of Independence, The Contitution and the Bill of Rights, Sarah Palin has seen fit to spit upon patriotism and sought to stifle, censor, threaten, intimidate, bully and threaten the free speech of Americans.

Yes, Sarah Palin, in her paranoid delusions has gone off the deep end once again. This time over rumors of impending Federal indictments against her or her husband over, among other things, the building of her house. I won’t go into details. You can read them at The Mudflats, Progressive Alaska or Just a Girl from Homer. It is that last in the person of Shannyn Moore to which I specifically refer.

Palin’s mouthpiece, one Thomas Van Flein, has delivered a four page diatribe that seeks to shut Shannyn up with the threat of a lawsuit for defamation if she so much as breathes about Housegate. Media websites and blogs are also named in the letter.

And I’m thinking…WTF?

First. Sarah Palin dumps her resignation on the most propitious news dump day she could have picked. The Friday before the 4th of July. Letterman has been in repeats all week, Sat. Night Live will be in a repeat on Sat. the 4th and The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are off all next week. Michael Jackson’s funeral will also push it of the news cycle by Monday. At least, this was probably the plan. She wanted this to quitely go away quickly. The haste in which she made this announcement is obvious. Todd had to be called back from his subsistence fishing, something Alaskan don’t do lightly. They’ve missed births and funerals to make their quota. She says it’s been in the works for weeks, yet the Lt. Gov. Parnell only found out Wed. Most heard it on Friday with the rest of the world.

I won’t go into the motives behind her resignation. For now.

So, with this master plan in place, you’d think she’d be smart enough to ignore some little ol’ bloggers no one outside of Alaska pays much attention to. Except for the Huffington Post, but that’s full of liberal elites and who pays attention to them?

But no. Sarah has to pull a “pay no attention to that impending indictment behind the curtain”. It’s obvious no lawyer in his right mind would voluntarily draft such a novelette and deliver it on the FOURTH OF JULY unless he was being forced to by his paying client. Let’s hope he’ll be paid. And I’m sure he’s charging her obscenely for doing this on a major holiday.

Now, rather than letting it go away, Sarah is poking it with a stick and everyone is now looking into Housegate.

For those too lazy to go read, when Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla she awarded a contract to a company to build a multi-million dollar sports complex. The company (along with Arctic Cat, who gave Sarah those lovely winter clothes to wear at Todd’s Iron Dog race) sponsors Todd. And they contributed to Sarah getting elected. After which she awarded them even more lucrative contracts. But the interesting part comes from the locals. Right before they built the house, Sarah abolished building permits. And the windows, siding, etc of the house bear an uncanny resemblance to the building materials used for the Sports Complex, leading some to believe that, perhaps, materials were orderd in excess and somehow found themselves transported down the road for reuse. Others question Todd’s ability to build the house on his own. He said he had the help of “some buddies” but has resisted naming them.

So…bring it on Van Flein. Shannyn has an e-mail box full of lawyers all screaming “pick me pick me” in the hopes they can depose Sarah Palin. And they’ll do it Pro bono. There is nothing Shannyn Moore would like better than to be sued by Sarah Palin for defamation and be able to bring all of the facts about HouseGate and anything else it leads to out in the open for all to see. Under oath. Like maybe Todd’s membership in the Alaskan Independence Party, whose sole political agenda is secession and his part in possibly transporting weapons into Alaska for the purpose of arming a militia. Under oath. Gee, maybe some questions about Trig’s birth. Perhaps calling the attending physician to the stand to testify. Under oath.

And Shannyn will not be intimidated. You cannot make her sit down and shut up. Especially on the Fourth of July.

Neither will I. You want to censor me? You want to stifle me? You want to deny my right to free speech? You want to sue me? Go ahead.

In the words of Shannyn Moore “Suck it up, Buttercup.”

Lori Drew, scum of the earth, butcher.

July 2, 2009

Lori Drew pretended to be a boy on MySpace. She befriended a 13 year old girl her daughter didn’t like, made the girl think the boy she pretended to be liked the girl, then wrote the most awful things to the girl, destroying her self esteem and suggesting she would be better off dead.

The girl hanged herself.

Lori Drew has managed to get off scott free due to legal loopholes.

Lori. You are not innocent. Just because you were found “not guilty” doesn’t mean you aren’t guilty as hell. You committed murder just as surely as if you tied that rope around the girl’s neck and hoisted her up.

You are one of the most disgusting people I have ever had the misfortune to learn about. You make Sarah Palin look ethical and Ruth Madoff look remorseful.

I hope you lose your children to child protective services as you are most certainly an unfit mother.

I hope your neighbors shun you.

I hope your life in your town is made a living hell.

And that would still be too good for you.

I hope you are taken to civil court and lose everything you own now and until you die. I hope any penny you ever hope to earn in the future is also taken from you and your life is spent in poverty and hunger.

I hope you live a long, miserable life. I hope every day you relive your infamy with stares and rants and catcalls. I hope you are made to feel like the scum of the earth that you are every second of every day for the rest of your life.

I hope you feel people’s hate for you with every breath you take.

How does that feel?