About the eclectic progressive.

The Eclectic Progressive is a once non-partisan, now strongly Democratic liberal turned progressive who works for a living. I’ve been a music teacher, sixth grade classroom teacher and am now a teacher librarian. I’ve been a member of my Union for 30 years. I hold two master’s degrees and know how to use them. Don’t mess with me. You really don’t know who you’re dealing with. Trust me on this. Have I ever lied to you?

I never used to care about politics. I was registered non-partisan for years. When Reagan was elected I changed to Democrat. In 2000 I became rabidly Democratic and started following politics on the internet. In 2008 I started subscribing to political blogs. (The Mudflats is my favorite). I also subscribe to some  nice food blogs and am a member of several Yahoo Groups including Singer Sewing Machines, Academic Regalia (I made my own graduation hood and robe for my second master’s) and the Tunisian Crochet group. I quilt, needlepoint, have canned preserves and I can sweat a copper pipe. I have learned to do many things because I cannot afford to pay others to fix and repair. Besides, I am generally more careful and meticulous. I just take forever.

So welcome. Posts will probably be few and far between because I’ve never been much for diaries or journals. But when I feel a rant coming on, you’ll certainly hear about it.


5 Responses to About the eclectic progressive.

  1. Dear Nameless Liberal;
    You are being sued in the Superior Court of California, Ventura County. A court order is being sent to Automattic, Inc. host of wordpress.com for your ip address and other information to indentify the party owning the electricprogressive.

    Peace Out,
    p.s. Romney 320+ Obama jobless Nov 7, 2012

    • mlaiuppa says:

      You go right ahead you thieving, lying piece of excrement.

      I look forward to showing up in court with all of my documentation, your e-mails and the receipts proving I paid for something I NEVER RECEIVED.

      Oh, and I won’t be alone. You can rest assured plenty of other people will be standing right beside me with their documentation proving you are a thieving FRAUD. You think people aren’t willing to drive to Ventura to see your derriere swing in the breeze?

      Not only that, but I can demand the court documents with all of YOUR information, address, phone number, etc. Oh, and if I win, I get all the court costs. And I’ll put a lien on whatever you own until you pay up. Bet you own at least one vehicle that could be sold to cover costs and damages. It would be worth it to have the sheriff serve you the papers.

      Show up in court if your dare. I welcome it. We all welcome it. It will be easier for the authorities to find you and arrest your lying, thieving ass.

      Threaten me, you pompous putz? That’s all you are. A pustulant bag of hot air. Your kind of cowardly thief always is.

      BTW do you know why INTUIT closed your account so you couldn’t steal through them? That was me. I reported you and gave them the contacts at the Ventura courthouse.

      You’re so welcome.

      Understand you’re now stealing direct through that farce of a website. Wonder how long it will be before your IP shuts you down for fraud.

      (Like most mouth breathing right wing ‘baggers you also can’t spell. So far Nate Silver has Obama at 306 electoral votes. So good luck with that. See you in court!)


      For those that would like to read more about this lying piece of shit, please read my post and comments. You can find it HERE.

  2. I see now you operate this liberal rag of nonsense isthe EP and then post to it as mlaiuppa, hard to follow the cloaking of yourself there. You have a valid claim to about 60.00 and as I recover from a very disasterous spring you are tops on my list for refund.
    However those degrees must be waste management because all you have been able to do push a manure piles of bs from a number of nut cases all around the internet.
    Thank you for saving me time though on getting the records from Automattic Inc. You will have a summons and complaint by the end of the week, You can respond to it as you desire.
    Christoper Gilcrest

    • mlaiuppa says:

      I’m holding my breath. Not. Just like all your other threats. BS and hot air.

      I see you’ve moved on to #2 in the Chris Gilcrest bag of lies.

      #1 is to threaten a lawsuit

      #2 is to admit, apologize and promise I’m on the top of your list for a refund, only, golly gee, you have financial problems (you always have financial problems. Bankruptcy since, 2008 is it?) You’re always recovering from some financial disaster. I guess you can’t bilk enough new customers to cover the old. That’s called a Ponzi Scheme, isn’t it?

      Is that why your first wife divorced you?

      Does your Mother Margaret in Carpenteria know her son is a thief? Well, I guess she would know about that little arrest in Tulare, wouldn’t she?

      I’m waiting for ol’ #3. “I’ll be happy to supply a refund. Could you furnish me with an invoice?”

    • mlaiuppa says:

      Well, it’s been a whole MONTH and no process server is in sight. What a surprise. NOT.

      Could it be the bloviating pustule gets a terminal case of hives whenever he gets within spitting distance of the Ventura Courthouse? Are there outstanding warrants he’s ducking?

      What’s the matter you decaying piece of excrement? All bark and no piss? Too busy cheating trusting gardeners out of their hard earned money with your vapor nursery in the middle of the road?

      Has your second wife finally gotten wise and left you yet?

      Obama = 332 and SENATOR Elizabeth Warren will be on the Senate Banking Committee.

      Rmoney pumping his own gas and ordering Boston Market take-out for Thanksgiving. The Secret Service couldn’t desert him fast enough.

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