You think you don’t need a union?

June 1, 2013



March 12, 2011

The GOP has admitted that anti-union bills, such as those that destroy collective bargaining are not about balancing budgets but all about politics. They’re designed to destroy the unions and defund the Democratic Party so that Obama can be defeated in 2012.

Fascism: Only the elite have democracy, the rest live under an authoritarian dictatorship.
Exactly where do you think *you’re* going to end up?
Don’t vote against your own best interests. Remember to vote the Republicans OUT in 2012, 2014, 2016. Then wait 20 years to see how things stand before you ever consider voting them back in again.

Slavery is alive and well, in Wisconsin.

March 4, 2011

“It’s illegal in America now to buy or sell a human being, but a recorded telephone conversation between a Republican governor and a guy he thought was a billionaire benefactor shows that it’s still possible to own a politician.”

In a Democracy, Freedom of Assembly Trumps “Free Enterprise”

“Corporations are accomplishing their goal of shriveling government to the point of ineffectiveness so “enterprise” is “free” to run rogue. Now with their purchased politicians, corporations are trying to do the same to unions — the only organization other than government that has traditionally effectively defended working Americans.

In the recorded conversation between Walker and a liberal blogger posing as David Koch, Walker accepted an offer of a vacation trip from the “billionaire” if he “crushed” the public employee unions and said his effort was to get “our freedoms back.”

That’s exactly right. This is a contest between the excesses of “free” enterprise and the constitutionally-protected freedom of assembly. And getting “our freedoms back” means wresting them back from corporations.”

Move to Amend

Are you paying attention to Wisconsin?

February 21, 2011

The first thing Castro did when he came into power was ban the unions. So did Hitler. So did Gadhafi in Libya.

Do we really want to go there?