We are all FUCKED!

June 28, 2018

We are fucking DOOMED!

The Democratic Republic that the United States once was is no more. The Republican political machine has cheated and manipulated a grand plan over the last four decades to finally turn this country into an authoritarian fascist theocracy.

We are no better than TURKEY.

Trump and McConnell are busy stacking the courts with young right wing unqualified and biased conservatives asshats. They’ll own the courts just like Erdogan owns the courts in Turkey.

Trump is undermining the reputation of the media at every turn. Erdogan owned the media this last election. Only his ads were allowed to air on TV, radio, newspapers. His opponents got no air time or coverage at all. A Trump wet dream.

Trump is attacking the first amendment. He’s been attacking it since he started campaigning. He’d love to put reporters, late night tv hosts, anyone that criticizes or opposes him in prison. Trump would love him some political prisoners.

Now he is attacking due process. It will start with immigrants and will ooze to naturalized citizens and soon to everyone.

The U.S. has pulled out of the Paris Climate Change Accord. We’re now no longer a member of the U.N. Human Rights organization. And Trump has managed to give the title of Leader of the Free World away to Macron, Merkel and Trudeau. He has made the office of President of the United States into a laughingstock, when people are feeling totally disgusted by it. He has managed to destroy the power of the United States. The U.S. no longer has influence in the world. And he is too stupid to realize what he’s done. He thinks being a bully and making threats is an equivalent substitute for diplomacy.

I’m sure Trump is eyeing a way to suspend the 2020 election (he won’t win) and just continue being President for life. He seems to really love that political model. All his best buddies, the ones he admires, are all authoritarian dictators: Putin, Kim, Erdogan, Duterte. Trump never met a vicious dictator he didn’t like. He’s envious. He wants to be just like them.

And that fuck McConnell is going to give it to him. It’s McConnell’s fault that Merrick Garland was not confirmed.

But it’s the fault of the Democrats for being spineless, wimp-ass bastards, rolling over and peeing political correctness all over themselves, taking the fucking high road. You know how fascism gains hold? When Democrats are TOO FUCKING POLITE. They don’t want to offend anyone and as a result they are walked all over. Alan Grayson knows how to right. He doesn’t is loud and abrasive and doesn’t pull punches or guard his speech. He calls a fucking fascist a fucking fascist. Is it any wonder that the right has the likes of Breitbart and Limbaugh and Alex Jones and there is no liberal counterpart?

And now this.

Kennedy has FUCKED US ALL. It will be 5-4 on the Supreme Court from now on. 5-4 in favor of the oligarchs, the 1%, the right wing, the Talibangelicals. You can kiss Roe v Wade goodbye first thing. Obamacare the second, although that is all but gone as it won’t survive with all of the changes that have been made to undermine and destroy it. Then they’ll be coming for the LGBTQ. After that’s taken care of it will be immigrants (the legal ones this time), minorities, the poor, the sick the old. U.S. citizens will be looking at all sorts of violations of rights we took for granted. No one will be safe without 8 figures in their bank account and a significant stock portfolio.

Kennedy could have retired during Obama’s term. He could have waited six fucking months until all of the Democrats that are going to win in November were seated. But no. That fucking asshole has to retire now so that Trump can pick an unqualified Deplorable and McConnell can push the nomination through at record speed. My money is they’ll have the asshole confirmed by the end of August.

What happens if Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies?

Fuck that Kennedy.

No more swing votes. The court is now completely partisan. They will warp and twist their decisions to benefit corporations and the Republicans, even if it means interpretations of the Constitution the public knows is totally bogus. They’ve already begun. That ruling on the third travel ban was a piece of shit. They refused to hear the case on gerrymandering, allowed voter restrictions and ID laws. And now they’ve screwed the unions. Long a ban of the right, now unions are on the way out. Unions, that made this country strong and gave us a middle class. It’s all downhill now. Just wait until those Deplorables that love to quote the bible but constantly rebel against rendering unto Caesar’s that which is Caesar’s find out they are being screwed because that union they objected paying dues to no longer as the power to negotiate a fair contract for them. Lower pay, no healthcare, no sick leave, no vacation time, NO OVERTIME, unsafe and unhealthy working conditions. You name it and *IF* they still have a job, they’ll be whining about everything they’ve lost. And you watch. They’ll blame the Democrats.

I blame them too. I blame them for being stupid enough to take their eye off the ball and allow the Republicans to gain offices in local and state levels. I blame Democrats for thinking that only congressional seats count. I blame them for losing because they refuse to learn from that dirty Republican playbook and fight back with the exact same tactics. I blame them for being TOO NICE.

So hear we are. A fucking asshole for a president. A nightmare cabinet that is undoing almost a century of protections to the animals, land, water, air and people of this country. A GOP that made this country a laughingstock by putting a senile toddler in the Oval Office just so they’d have an automatic carte blanche signature on everything fucking thing they put under his nose.

And I blame the fucking, uneducated, unintelligent, DEPLORABLE racists, bigots and MORONS that voted this piece of shit into office. No foresight. No ability to see the big picture. Narrow, selfish, ME ME ME interests, not giving a shit how their vote would effect anyone else and not even realizing to what extent they were shooting themselves in the foot.


Charles Manson is dead. Finally.

November 19, 2017

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

It’s just a shame my tax dollars had to pay for the free room and board for this waste of oxygen. He should have suffered every day of his miserable life instead of living in virtual luxury, not to mention free healthcare.

Fuck him.

May he rot in hell.

Too bad the law does allow for his body to be dumped in the desert and feasted on by vermin until it’s nothing but bones, bleaching in the sun.

Get your National Park senior pass NOW!

July 5, 2017

Currently if you are a U.S. citizen and 62 or older, you can get a lifetime pass to all national parks for $10 at your nearest national park. Not near a park? It will cost you $20 by mail. There’s about a six week waiting period so get it NOW.


Because on October 1, 2017 the cost of a senior lifetime pass will go up to $80. That’s right. $80. You can thank REPUBLICAN senator Udall from Utah.

Here’s information on the passes: https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/passes.htm

If you are permanently disabled, the pass is still free. But knowing our current congress, I wouldn’t count on that continuing either.

I have my pass but will be buying a second one and keeping it in a very safe place just in case my first is lost. Because if I lose it, I’d have to pay for another. At $80, not likely.

Nice to see our public servants are looking out for the public and making sure we have access to all of the public lands that we “own.”

See them now before they are all sold off or desecrated for private profit.

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April 14, 2017

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The Ides of Trump

March 15, 2017

Today is the Ides of Trump.

Get a postcard and tell him exactly what you think of the job he’s doing.


The Advanced Pussyhat

January 17, 2017

Sorry, no photos.

If you are knitting a Pussyhat for this Saturday and are a fairly advanced knitter (who hates to seam) this is for YOU.

Use two sets of double ended needles size 8. It’s easier. Unless you have some with really long cords, like a Denise set. I’m using two sets of Crystalite #8 lavender.

Cast on 50 stitches on the bottom and 50 stitches on the top using Judy’s Magic Cast On.

Knit until the “pocket” (from the cast on to the needle) is 7.5 inches. Remember, you’re working in the round here so as you go, your hat will form a pocket.

Start your stockinette and knit 2 purl 2 for 4.25 inches.

Use Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

Sew in the two tails and you’re done.

I hate seaming so working in the round like I do for toe up socks makes a great hat. Goes really fast too.

Learn a little media literacy

November 30, 2016

In order to prevent the spread of fake news, here is a quick guide to spotting it.

1. Read Past The Headline

2. Check What News Outlet Published It

3. Check The Publish Date And Time

4. Who Is The Author?

5. Look At What Links And Sources Are Used

6. Look Out For Questionable Quotes And Photos

7. Beware Confirmation Bias


9. Think Before You Share

Now, give it a try:

Bernie Sanders could replace President Trump with a little-known loophole. 

(Actually, he can’t. That title is for those that don’t bother to even read beyond the title!)

I’ve made one change. Share LAST! Nothing should be shared until you have really checked out and verified the veracity of your source.

1. Read first. 

2. Check the source (and their sources).

3. Watch out for recycled stories.

4. If you care about facts, ignore the blatantly slanted.

5. Google it. (but be careful)

6. Then share.