You bet there’s a war on women

April 16, 2012




March 12, 2011

The GOP has admitted that anti-union bills, such as those that destroy collective bargaining are not about balancing budgets but all about politics. They’re designed to destroy the unions and defund the Democratic Party so that Obama can be defeated in 2012.

Fascism: Only the elite have democracy, the rest live under an authoritarian dictatorship.
Exactly where do you think *you’re* going to end up?
Don’t vote against your own best interests. Remember to vote the Republicans OUT in 2012, 2014, 2016. Then wait 20 years to see how things stand before you ever consider voting them back in again.

Remember this when you vote in November.

September 26, 2010

In 1970, the typical CEO of a big corporation got paid 40 times what the average worker earned.

In 1990, the typical CEO of a big corporation got paid 100 times what the average worker earned.

In 2010, the typical CEO of a big corporation gets paid 350 times what the average worker earns.

Last year, when more than 15 million Americans were out of work, and most others got no raise, the top 25 hedge fund managers got paid an average of $1 billion each.

$1 billion would pay the salaries of 20,000 school teachers.

For those mathematically challenged, that’s 25 hedge fund managers or 500,000 teachers. Half a million teachers, or 25 guys making the rich richer. (I might add also chin deep in the economic meltdown.)

Now keep in mind that the party of NO wants to extend tax cuts permanently to those CEOS and hedge fund managers, plus eliminate the estate tax for them. (You’ll probably never make more than $250,000 a year and your heirs will never be worried about the estate tax as you’ll have very little to pass on to them.

These same gNOpers think teachers make too much money, don’t deserve pensions, you don’t deserve health care or tax cuts and that free market, trickle down, privatizing and outsourcing are the way to go. In other words, what they’ve been doing the last 40 years only more of it.

Do yourself a favor and stop voting against your own self interests. You’ll never be as rich as these guys.

How stupid is the Republican Party?

May 2, 2010

Today I received a faux census letter from Michael Steele.

It seems I have been specially selected for it as a representative of the Republican Party in my district.

I’m a registered Democrat. It is not a secret.

I’ve never given money to the Republican Party.

The questions are obviously skewed to support the GOP position. Sorta like those “do you still beat your wife” questions.

But I answered them all in a way the GOP will not like.

And then we get to the money question. Literally a money question. The entire purpose of the “census” is not to illicit information but to ask for a donation. $15 to defray the cost of the census? Really? Postage both ways is less than $1.00. Printing for all of those pages is also less than $1.00.

Postage paid return. Well, I stuffed it with extra paper and cardboard as much that will fit. I only wish I could find those really big washers I had to add a little weight. I considered stuffing it from my penny collection but they’re pennies and I don’t want to give them money, I want to cost them money.


I hope the GOP continues to obstruct, speak stupid and do dumb all the way up to the 2010 elections. The American public needs to be constantly reminded as to who got us where we are now and who is preventing the current congress and administration from dealing with the crap of the Bush legacy.

Remember. This party wanted to give us Palin in the White House. They should be punished.

Stupid is as stupid votes.

January 19, 2010

I can’t believe the voters of Massachusetts could be so self-centered, brainwashed and stupid as to elect that teabagging liar. In doing so they’ve not only shot themselves in the foot, they’ve also forced the rest of us to suffer through the continued obstructionism of the GOP, the party of NO.

I will never forgive the voters of Massachusetts for forcing us to suffer because of their shortsighted selfishness.

“TOLD YOU SO” won’t help when that teabagging liar starts spewing his racist hate. You’ll never see that “man of the people” driving that pick up truck again now that he’s elected.

Let’s just hope centerfold guy has more brains than the beauty queen governor they almost foisted on us.

And to think MIT is in Massachusetts. They must import all of the smart people to teach and go to school there. Obviously Massachusetts is a lot dumber than people give them credit for.