What are you?

March 31, 2010

You are what you eat.

It’s like sex. You’ve had sex with every person who has had sex with your partner.

Well, you’ve eaten whatever what you eat has eaten.

Do you really want to live on a diet of corn, soy, garbage and antibiotics?

Well, a lot of what you’ve eaten has. If you’re buying cheap beef, pork, chicken and milk at your local large chain grocery store, that’s what you’re eating. Dairy too. You want grass fed pastured dairy, not factory farmed. Find a local dairy if you can. And beware the produce. You don’t know what polluted water it’s drinking or pesticides and chemicals they’re bathing in.

“…cattle, pigs and poultry raised on their natural pasture and grass-based diets yield meat that is lower in total fat and calories, and food that is higher in good fats like Omega 3’s, more concentrated with antioxidants such as vitamins E, C and beta-carotene, and with increased levels of other disease-fighting substances.”

Eating Kosher or Halal isn’t enough either. Because that just governs the way the animal is slaughtered. The underlying philosophy is that the animal is respected and is treated humanely. There are some suppliers that are going beyond the prayers and slaughter. They are raising their animals humanely and with respect by allowing them to graze in pastures and eat what God intended them to eat. They are providing them a life of Kosher/Halal. Is it pricey? You bet. Regular Kosher and Halal is usually double the cheap grocery chain stuff. Adding the organic respectful humane layer adds another 50% to the cost.

The answer?

Eat less meat and poultry. Face it. Americans eat too much protein anyway. Eat more fruits and vegetables. (From local farms, farmers markets and co-ops if you can). And start your meal with soup. Be sure you have a salad and some bread (but not too much and whole grain. Home made if possible.) You’ll find your entreé is much smaller by the time you get to it. So instead of buying a huge cheap, crappy steak, you are satisfied with a small, pasture raised, grass fed expensive steak that is much healthier for you.

It isn’t just where your food comes from. It’s also what your food eats.


Eating responsibly

November 12, 2009

In a nutshell, this article from Huffington Post lays out simple ways in which we can eat a healthier diet while at the same time eliminating support for factory farming.

I’m lucky. I have access to Straus Family Creamery products in California if I look hard enough.