Huffington Post Challenge – Day Two

It’s Meatless Monday on the Eating In Challenge.

Not a problem. Just the opposite. I don’t eat enough meat. I’m pretty sure. My diet has been too much carbohydrate so I have been trying to eat more meat, vegetables and fruit and less rice, bread and sugar.

Todays menu:

Breakfast: Orange juice $0

Lunch: Apples, pea soup, goldfish crackers, two Samoas $0

Dinner: Welsh rarebit on two pieces of toast, tea, Snickers $0

I purchased all ingredients last week or they were from the pantry or freezer. The Snickers were minis given to me on Valentine’s Day. Yes, they survived in this house that long.

The tea was Tea Forté Earl Gray; very expensive stuff. I have one left (English Breakfast). Very cute but very ungreen. The bags are little pyramid shaped polyester mesh. Very good at making sure no tea leaves float around in your tea, they taste very good, but I can see them not breaking down in the local landfill. And they are very expensive. I think I could buy an entire carton of Twinnings Earl Gray for the cost of a few of these yuppie infusers. Why do I have them? I bought a tray and cup set from them. Will I buy any in the future? No.

I still have six pieces of sliced wheat bread in the freezer. I have four for tuna sandwiches for the tuna salad I made last night. And I have two slices left for the left over Welsh rarebit. All will be eaten this week. And I still have the pasties.

I’ll be cooking the sausages I made tomorrow night. Not the pound in the freezer, the two links. At least now I know how to cook them. Brown them, then add water, cover and steam. Duh. I’ll get it right yet.

I told you I wasn’t that good with meat.

But the one I ate was delicious. Homemade sausages are really delicious, you can control the quality and it’s much easier than making pasta. Which I have also done.


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