Huffington Post Challenge – Day Seven

Last Day.

Breakfast: Orange Juice
Lunch: Pea Soup w/ Goldfish Crackers, 3 tangerines
Dinner: Home made lasagne at the parents’

Cost: $0.63 for the tangerines

I’m going to bring my Mom that last of the pea soup so she can try it. I gave them two pasties last week; a beef and a lamb. My Dad likes lamb.

I’ll need to go shopping today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow since it’s raining today.

I’ll be cooking tomorrow. Bread. Soup. And I have some lemon chicken in the freezer I need to thaw and cook. I may just cook all of it, then use the left overs for salads, chix a lá king, soup, etc. I still have a sausage left over. And there are pasties in the freezer. Just goes to show how much you can eat for so little. And I wasn’t even buying bargain cuts and taking advantage of sales of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

That pretty much covers the week.

Please tell me if I’m overeating. I weigh 175 lbs so I must be one of those compulsive overeaters that are such a burden to the health care system because they just can’t control their gluttony. Yeah, I’m fat because I eat so much. Just look at how much I eat. I’m just eating all of the time. Non-stop. Gobs and Gobs. I am in a constant state of stuffing my face with binging. No?


I used to weigh 195 lbs. I’ve been gaining 10 lbs a year for the last 6 years.

In August my Doctor switched me from Simvastatin to Lipitor. I’ve lost 20 lbs so far.

Nothing has changed except the meds.

Remember that the next time you decide to attack a fat person for being fat.


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