Huffington Post Challenge – Day Four

Another lovely day.

Breakfast: Orange juice
Lunch: Beef pasty, two Samoas
Dinner: Welsh rarebit on two slices of wheat toast, tomato, mini chocolate bar from Valentine’s

Cost: $0 (leftovers or items purchased previously)

I didn’t feel like pea soup tonight. I’ll have some tomorrow. I think I may have to go shopping too. I’ve got a few jars of fruit but I feel like some bananas and maybe a few tangerines. I don’t really need them, I think I have jars and cans of fruit. And I suppose if this was an eat for a week spending the least amount of money possible challenge, then I’d skip shopping.

I get home from work early tomorrow, so after my nap I’ll need to bake bread. I have a bread machine so I’ll be using that.


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