Puppy Snatcher LePage is a freakin’ asshole. (He’s also a Republican so that is redundant.)

Maine Governor LePage cut the line and snatched a dog out from under a recovering sexual assault victim because he’s entitled, elitist, privileged and pulled the governor card. And this shelter not only let him do it, they actively enabled him.

The governor was alerted to the dog at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society by his family on Monday.

So. He showed up Tuesday afternoon specifically to get the dog his family wanted. Does anyone believe the shelter wasn’t contacted and he wasn’t told that dog would be available for adoption to the public on Wed. on a first come first served basis? They probably even told him there was a woman interested in adopting that dog since Heath Arsenault had already met the dog and determined he was a good fit for her. She wanted him as an emotional support dog. Yeah, he knew. And he brought his wife with him Tuesday afternoon to make sure he not only cut in line but would get that dog. Offered? No, it wasn’t “offered”. I’m sure the governor said he wanted the dog and bullied them into allowing him to take it before it was available to the public. You put it in your wife’s arms. You blabber about your sad children and how they miss your dead Jack Russell, Baxter. You manipulate the situation and maybe also mention what good publicity it would be for the shelter to get a photo op with the governor holding his newly adopted dog.

Did the shelter even vet this guy like they do regular members of the public? Doubtful. Another rule violation. Or if they did they ignored what they found. If they had they would have found that Lepage is on the Maine Shelter Association’s Blacklist because he dropped several dogs off at the shelters in the last 5 years, which makes you ineligible for adopting an animal from ANY shelter that receives funding from the MSPCA.

No. They were so greedy for a juicy photo op with this privileged swine they gave the governor anything he wanted. Prime example of the entitlements Republicans are always accusing Democrats of pulling. Privileged? Elitists? Entitled? see Republicans.

Poor Veto will be back in a shelter as soon as his moment in the sun is over and his value as a P.R. prop is gone. Sooner if he chews up one too many of the governor’s shoes. As “Jasper” he could have had a loving forever home. As “Veto” he’ll be dumped yet again and the next time might end up euthanized.

Good move Greater Androscoggin Human Society. You totally blew it. Hope you like all that publicity you were hoping for. You got it.


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