Thief, liar and fraud Chris Morgan Gilcrest convicted of 3 felonies!

Asshole Chris has been caught again, convicted again and this time will serve time and be fined.

In 2013 Gilcrest was convicted of agriculture violations:

“July 05, 2013 4:15 pm  •  

Illegally shipping 65 rose bushes to Napa County in 2012 has led a Ventura County man to be convicted of two misdemeanors and serve 10 days on a work-release program.

Christopher M. Gilcrest, 49, of Lancaster pleaded guilty Tuesday to two violations of food and agriculture regulations for unlawfully shipping nursery stock and selling it without a valid license, according to a news release from the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office.

Ventura County Superior Court Judge Kevin Denoce sentenced Gilcrest to 10 days on a work-release program, 36 months probation, and ordered him to pay a $500 fine and $2,335 in restitution.”

Notice it says 3 years probation. That would extend into 2016.

But that ol’ liar and thief Chris Gilcrest couldn’t wait to resume his illegal activity. Apparently too stupid to realize that once he was caught and convicted, the chances of him being caught and convicted a second time go way up. And so it did. He was arrested on March 9 of 2015 and convicted  June 2 of 2015. This time he’ll get more than a slap on the wrist.

1 felony count of grand theft

2 felony counts of conspiracy

1 misdemeanor of false advertising

He’ll get one year in the Ventura county jail, 5 years probation, he’ll have to pay restitution to hundreds of victims (he’ll never be able to do that as it is thousands of dollars he doesn’t have) and he’ll never be allowed to run a horticulture or agriculture business or sell nursery stock.

Now those of us who know this asshole know that the minute he’s out his website will be back up and he’ll be defrauding people across the U.S. again. In fact, I’ll wager the website is still up and he’ll be “selling” plants and taking money while he’s in jail! And thanks to the revised three strikes law in California, this asshole will be arrested, convicted, serve and then be out again to do it all over again even though the next time will be his third strike. In fact, I think this time might even be his third strike. But no on has learned anything. He’ll keep committing crimes and the Judge will just increase his punishment a little each time. No. I don’t think one year is long enough, nor will he be monitored during his 5 years probation to make sure he’s not resuming business as usual.

By now he’s already started his jail time.
I notice is gone but is still up with a message to e-mail him.
Please join me by registering a complaint with YouTube to have his Growquest account suspended and all of his videos taken down.

2 Responses to Thief, liar and fraud Chris Morgan Gilcrest convicted of 3 felonies!

  1. can you please alert other consumers about chris gilcrest and his new scam called is back to his same old scams in lancaster california.thanks

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