Criminal Chris Gilcrest of Growquest Growers finally serves some time.

To all those that have been defrauded by that thief, Christopher Morgan Gilcrest of Growquest Growers, looks like he finally got to wear an orange jumpsuit, if only for 10 days. Also had to pay a $500 fine and $2500 in restitution. (Yeah, I’ll bet that check is eternally lost in the mail.)

The Venture County D.A. finally got him. But not well enough to suit me.

They only got him on two misdemeanors regarding food and agriculture regulations. Personally, I’m surprised he actually delivered anything since he mostly takes your money, then strings you along until you can’t get a refund from Paypal or whatever service you used to pay the grifter. I’m surprised Paypal is still allowing funds to be sent to him. They shut him down once. Then he went to Intuit and they shut him down (after *I* called them and let them know what he was doing.) His website has been revised and the google shopping cart is gone so it could be google shut him down too.


Just know that if you send him money, you’ll never see anything you order, you’ll never get your money back and if by some miracle he does decide to deliver something, it will probably die quickly. Not much lives when potted in decomposed granite and watered with sea water.

10 days wasn’t near long enough for the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has defrauded over the years but it’s a start. May it be 5-10 years the next time.

Oh, one more thing. He’s on probation for 36 months and has to get a license (which I doubt he’s done) but he’s still got two websites still up and running, the only difference is that he can only take checks for now, so I guess he’s locked out of Intuit, Paypal, Google and a few other other online payment options. Sorry, but anyone that mails this thief a check deserves to get scammed. There is plenty of info on the internet now that gives a very clear picture of what a fraud Gilcrest is. 

Read up on the years of fraud Chris Gilcrest has committed and wonder why the Ventura D.A. only managed to get him on these two misdemeanors and he only served 10 days. They should have been able to do much more than that given the amount of dirt they have on him.


One Response to Criminal Chris Gilcrest of Growquest Growers finally serves some time.

  1. […] Well, low and behold ol’ Chris the thief finally served some time. The Ventura D.A. got him on two misdemeanor violations for food and agriculture regulations. Well, it’s a start. Hopefully next time it will be wire fraud and the Feds will have him for five to ten in a Federal prison. […]

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