How to deter mosquitoes without chemicals.

I’ve been fighting a losing battle with mosquitoes this summer. Despite a drought, somewhere in my neighborhood there is a water source allowing them to breed and I have no way of knowing where it is or doing anything about it.

I refuse to resort to DEET.

So I’m looking at non-toxic control and have found some interesting information.

First, make sure your window screens are secure and tight and doors closed. Do it before the sun goes down. (See #4) Don’t go out after dark or at twilight if you can help it.

1. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale and the lactic acid we sweat. So, first thing is to make sure you shower before bed.

2. They like it hot and moist. So if you have an A/C set it and run it lower than 76 degrees. Lower than 74 to be sure. Personally, I like my room cold and would prefer 68-72.

3. They don’t like wind. So if you have a fan, set it on high. My ceiling fan shakes too much on high due to poor balancing which I have been unable to fix so medium is the highest I set it. So I’ll be setting up a small fan on my nightstand and setting it on high to blow across me. That way even if a mosquito could fly in such high winds, they won’t be able to find me because my carbon dioxide and lactic acid vapors will be blown away from me.

4. Leave the lights on. Amazing. Get a sleeping mask and sleep with the lights on.

Those four things should do it. I’ll know more at the end of the summer. And yes, these are all energy wasting solutions but I’d rather pay the electric bill then get a mosquito born disease. Mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on earth. Plus I have photo voltaic panels on my roof and generate plenty of energy I can afford to run the AC, a fan and keep the lights on. If it will keep me from getting bit, I’m all for it.

No DEET for me. I am also not buying a mosquito net or burning a coil or citronella candle.

After I am bit, I use Apinol to reduce the itching. Works pretty well. It’s somewhat of a deterrent as it smells strongly of pine (which I happen to like) but not 100% so on with the fan, a/c and lights!


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