I hate It’s a Wonderful Life.

Other see it as a community coming together to support their friend, saving him by each contributing what they can to make up the missing $8,000.


What I hate is that Potter stole the money and he got away with it. He was never punished. Pottery learned nothing from the generosity and sacrifice of the town to save George Bailey. I’m sure Pottery just bided is time and found another way to use his money to screw George and take what he wanted.

Sorry, but to me Potter is the poster child for the 1% and today’s Republican Party.

I can’t watch It’s a Wonderful Life anymore because Potter is never exposed for the liar and thief he is and he never pays for his crime. He’s rich and he keeps the $8,000 he stole with no consequences whatsoever. No conscience. No regrets. Absolutely nothing.

I just can’t stand that. Not any more.


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