How to cycle an aquarium in 10 days.

I cycled a 10 gallon freshwater aquarium in 10 days using Dr. Tim’s One and Only.

Yes it can be done if you follow directions.

Be sure you shake the bottle thoroughly.

Follow the directions on Dr. Tim’s website.

When the ammonia or nitrite got over 4, I did a partial water change. When the PH got over 8.5, I did a partial water change.

After the first two days, I put the filter pads back in, turned the filter on, I kept the hood light on 24/7 and I added extra aeration.

If I had a heater, I would have used it  but it’s summer and it was pretty warm so the water was over 80 degrees most of the time. If not, I would have added a heater and kept it around 82-85.

When the ammonia level dropped to .5, I added 3 drops of Dr. Tim’s ammonia. When it dropped to .25 I added 5 drops. When the ammonia and nitrites were zero, I added 10 drops, per Dr. Tim’s directions.

As you can see from the chart, the tank was cycled in 10 days. My goldfish is doing fine and he loves his new home. I bought him on day 12.




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