Time to take down the NRA, pt. 2

It is amazing how very accurate MAD can be.
After an entire WEEK to create a response, all the NRA had was, more guns.
I suggest the people take it into their hands.
You have a list (see previous post) of all senators in the pockets of the NRA. Make sure they are not re-elected.
Here is the leadership of the NRA. There are a few familiar names on here. As much as it pains me, either Tom Selleck quits the board or there will be no more Blue Bloods or Jessie Stone or any other project he’s in supported.
I don’t watch anything with Mel Gibson, not even re-runs. His career is in the toilet.
Likewise Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Yes, I’m aware that I had no influence as an individual.
That is why many, many people must work together on this.
Start sending  a message to the board members of the NRA. (Forget Nugent. He is simply crazy. The exact person you never want to have a gun. Poster child for why we need gun control.) Forget Don Young and Wayne Anthony Ross. I read Alaskan blogs and know these names. Lost causes.
But I think Tom Selleck is doable. He appears to still be sane and reasonable.
Then perhaps an ad campaign of an alzheimer’s patient clutching his gun and spewing nonsense. I understand there is great footage of Charlton Heston on this. Courtesy of the NRA.

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