Time to take down the NRA

The West Wing: Five Votes Down.

The NRA has blocked any attempt to curtail the proliferation of guns in this country. Time after time they have blocked or rendered ineffective any legislation attempting to control guns. 

Time to take them down. Their hold over our government needs to be broken. 

Nancy Lanza owned five guns, at least two of which were semi-automatic hand guns. No one needs a semi-automatic hand gun. No one needs a hand gun. You do not hunt for subsistence with a hand gun. 

She was shot with her own gun. So obviously owning guns doesn’t protect you at all. So if the NRA spews it’s same crapload that all of this could have been prevented if the teachers and staff at this elementary school were all armed, that is a load of bullshit. I doubt a kindergarten class is safer with a loaded firearm in the class. 

Gun control doesn’t do much either. Adam Lanza had mental problems. But he didn’t need to pass any sort of screening to get a gun license. He simply shot his mother and took her guns. That’s what happens. Guns are obtained from relatives, friends or simply stolen. 

This country needs to grow up. This isn’t the wild west any more. There is absolutely no need for assault rifles or semi-automatic anything to be sold in this country. There is certainly no need for handguns. 

2nd amendment? It says A WELL REGULATED MILITIA. That’s the state National Guard. That’s the local Police. That is not a few redneck good ol’ boys driving around with a gun rack in their Ram pickup. 

Hunters are supposed to be able to take their game with one shot. So…they shouldn’t need more than one bullet, right? For every tag you buy, you get to buy one bullet.

Well, if we can’t restrict guns, we can certainly restrict ammo. Limit the quantity of the sale. Ammo cannot be sold online or through the mail. It cannot be purchased with a gun or from any place that sells guns. Limit the sale of ammo. If you are going to a range, you buy your ammo there and use it all. Any that is not used is returned. Guns are inspected to make sure they are empty. And you have to go through a metal detector and rigorous screening to leave. Something much more aggressive than the airports. 

That’s a start. 

Dismantling the power and influence of the NRA is another. They are an UN-American organization. They are a domestic terrorist organization. 

ALEC is next.

There are more places to buy guns in the U.S. than there are Starbucks in the entire world. There is NO need for that. 

You don’t need a semi-automatic handgun to hunt deer. 

That’s a start. 

Then we need to do something about mental health in this nation. You can lay the blame at Reagan’s door. Being the tightwad Republican he was, he solved the problem of the cost of taking care of the mentally ill by simply closing government institutions and putting them all on the street. Yep, those homeless street people no one wants to “see”? Many have mental problems. This country has done NOTHING since, because it costs money. And those in charge of the money are too tight fisted to address the problem. Instead, they just hide in their gated communities. 

This country is totally fucked up when the right wing can defend guns while parents are preparing to bury 20 kindergarteners.

I don’t know about you but I don’t allow crazy people to make my decisions for me. And anyone that thinks our gun laws are just fine and ignores Sandy Hook and thinks the solution is MORE guns is freakin’ crazy. 


One Response to Time to take down the NRA

  1. Al Rosenberg says:

    Well said. It is the Lobby power over congress. Our entire congress and the pres are on the take. Same for AARP, lobbying gives them too much power. Who represents children and babies?

    We need to talk to our reps. Liberals are the Majority we should push our agenda. In the Civil Rights campaigns we called these delays the voice of “opposition and nullification”. Republicans and the T party have no policy. But they have succeded in robbing us of our democracy.

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