Just deserts

Take that you fucking Repub1%can’ts.

Writing on the wall. The people have spoken.


Charlie Fuqua, a Republican candidate for the Arkansas state House of Representatives, a former state legislator, who made headlines when it surfaced that in his 2012 book, God’s Law, he endorsed letting parents seek the death penalty for rebellious children has LOST.

Todd Akin (R), the Tea Party-backed Republican who has become infamous for his comments about “legitimate rape.” has LOST to Claire McCaskill.

Tea Party-backed Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (R), who slipped in the polls after saying that pregnancy from rape is “something God intended to happen.” has LOST to Joe Donnelly. Gee, Dick. Guess God intended you to LOSE.

Sheldon Adelson is 0-6 for all the candidates he threw his millions at. Take that you SuperPacs. But hey, thanks for that little mini-bailout for the economy. Too bad you couldn’t do some good and just give it directly to schools.

Miami election protection workers prevailed and voters were NOT intimidated.

A ballot measure in Florida that would have erased women’s right to reproductive “privacy” from the state constitution was defeated on Tuesday by a margin of 56 percent to 44 percent, according to CNN.

President Barack Obama’s victory in Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin and his easy win in Mitt Romney’s base of Massachusetts means the 2012 Republican ticket is the first in four decades in which both members of a major party ticket lost at home. Just goes to show, the locals know.

My personal favorite? Elizabeth Warren defeats Scott Brown. Now if the Repub1%can’ts had simply confirmed her appointment to the consumer protection agency, she wouldn’t be a senator. How’s that workin’ for ya?


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