My predictions for the electoral college

Obama – 281 electoral college votes.

Rmoney – 257 electoral college votes.

Obama will take Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

Rmoney will take Florida, Virginia and Colorado.

Only possible upsets? Colorado goes to Obama and New Hampshire goes to Rmoney. In which case its:

Obama – 286

Rmoney – 252

However it goes Obama needs to win in landslides of over 10% in any state with electronic voting machines. Because the Republican owned and controlled voting machines seem to have a little glitch that transfers democratic votes to republicans up to 10%. So a democrat has to have over a 10% lead in order to simply squeak by.

Even if Obama loses Wisconsin and Iowa, he still wins with 270.

If you’d like to play your own electoral college prediction game you can over at fivethirtyeight. If you

If you want to see some unbiased polling, try real clear politics. They combine and smooth the numbers to take out outliers and bias and their polls tend to be the most accurate.


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