The Lion roars tonight. Well, July 1st.

If you’re a Mac user and you’re considering the move to Lion, which is required for iCloud, you better do a lot of homework first.

There are a lot of programs you may be using and even NEED that may not run on Lion.

Intel and Universal programs will run. PPC programs will not.

Appleworks database and Fishpad are two that I use a LOT. I can’t afford to replace Appleworks with Filemaker Pro.

There are some scanners and printers that will no longer run on Lion. Whether they have updated drivers or not is in question. My Canon i850 will run. I don’t care about my scanner.

Then there’s my Wacom tablet. I’m not replacing that. That’s several hundred dollars. There is NOTHING wrong with my Wacom tablet. So there better be a driver for it that works.

Now. I’ve got Office 2008. It says Universal. It should work. However, it *is* Microsoft and they do have an Office 2011 out. So there is every possibility 2008 won’t work just so you have to fork out to buy the upgrade. It’s Microsoft. It’s what they do.

What is the solution?

Well, first there’s DON’T UPGRADE. You can access your mail from iCloud but not on your computer. That is annoying but doable. Of course you won’t be able to access your calendar from your computer either or sync it with another computer. Also annoying.

Dual Boot. I’ve never done this before but if I have to I’ll learn. Right now both my intel and my PPC computers work so I don’t need a new computer. But if I do, I am sure making it a dual boot so I can access my older programs under Snow Leopard.

Third. There’s bite the bullet, open your wallet and buy upgrades or new programs for everything you need and cry over everything that won’t work any more.

You can learn more about how to tell what will work and what won’t HERE.


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