Everything old is new again.

Do you hesitate every time you buy ground meat at the grocery store or a burger at a fast food joint? E-coli. Salmonella. Who knows?

The contamination usually comes from equipment that wasn’t cleaned thoroughly. And it’s the surface area you have to be concerned with. That’s why you read these stories about hamburger and not steak.

Why do to if you like a nice burger?

Well, you could grind your own meat. If you own a mixer that has a meat grinder attachment available, why not? Kitchen Aid does. I own a vintage Oster Kitchen Center and I have all of the accessories that were ever available except the coffee grinder. I don’t drink coffee. But I’m considering getting one for nuts and such. But tonight it was the sausage maker kit. I have that plus the optional course grinding disc.

I bought a 3.5lb beef chuck roast boneless on sale.

Then I got out all of my equipment, gave it another good cleaning and got to work. I didn’t grind all of the roast. I cut off the silvery tough membrane parts. But I cut the rest into 1 inch strips and sent it through twice; once on the course disc and again with the fine one. It’s looks just like store hamburger only it’s fluffier and a deeper pink red.

Then I got out my Tupperware. You know the ones. The patty rounds with the presser and lids. The ones everyone started getting rid of at garage sales when you could buy pre-formed patties at the store. So I pressed my own. I got 6 burgers out of the 3.5 lbs. Minus the trimmings that’s about a half pound patty. These are the large Tupperware patty makers. Since the ground beef I made is fluffier I’m sure it will shrink up something awful. But it will also be delicious, like burgers used to be.

And I won’t have to worry about e.coli or salmonella.

I’ll be washing all of the implements, then putting them through the dishwasher, then boiling them. Then they’ll be ready for my next adventure.

Hmm. I wonder if I could grind up meat fine enough to make gyros? Beef and lamb, right? And seasonings?  Hmm. American is beef and lamb, Greek is pork. Maybe I should mix all three?


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