Oh, yum

Tried a bit of the mayonnaise. Better than the last batch. Not too sweet. But I think I want either a little more vinegar or to add some lemon juice.

This is what I did.

All ingredients must be at minimum of room temperature. So take eggs out early to warm. 

Separate eggs. (You can toss the whites or use them for something else.)

Place two eggs in a blender. Blend on lowest speed for 1 min. (Don’t blend too fast or you’ll cook them).

Add 1 tsp vinegar and blend for 30 sec. (The next time I’ll either add more vinegar or also add 1 tsp of lemon juice.)

Then add 1 tsp sugar (I use raw organic evaporated cane sugar) and 1/4 tsp salt.

Blend briefly until mixed.

Now here is the tricky part.

Dribble (and I do mean dribble) 2/3 cup of oil, very thin stream, almost drops through the hole in the lid of the blender while it is on the lowest speed. This takes a while. Be patient. Don’t rush it. This is why that center clear part of the cap can be twisted and removed. So you can dribble in oil to make mayonnaise.

What oil you use will determine the taste of the mayo. Some people love to use bacon drippings. (yuck). I tried olive oil twice. The first time I used extra virgin. WAY too olivey and it was awful. Even the light olive oil had too much of a taste. I then tried peanut oil for a neutral taste. Also a yuck. I’m current using canola oil with Omega-3 DHA. I’m having my most success with that. I only use it for the mayo. I use olive oil for all the rest of my cooking and baking. I’m considering trying melted lard at least once. I know lard is both natural and has a neutral taste. I just don’t know what kind of consistency I’ll get. 

After the oil is all in, shut it off and look inside to see if it’s really solid like mayonnaise. If it’s a liquid, you screwed up. You can fix it by starting all over from the beginning with, only instead of adding oil, slowly add the mayo you just messed up. You’ll end up with twice as much, but it will fix it.

After you are done add some whey from yogurt or cottage cheese. That’s the liquidy part. Add about 1 tsp. 

After you’ve added the whey, leave it on the counter for about 7 hours to ‘cook’. The whey will help your mayonnaise keep in the refrigerator longer but it won’t cook when cold. After it’s set, then refrigerate it. It should last a week or two.

This makes me more than enough to last two weeks. It’s cheaper than store bought mayonnaise and it doesn’t require me to go to the store if I’m out. 

I’m still trying to figure out a way to get the whiter, fluffier mayo that you buy in the store. I know there is a way of incorporating the whites back into the mayo, but I haven’t figured out why yet. Experimentation will continue.


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