Why America is really broken.

Walmart sells crap from China instead of American made goods because it’s cheaper and they can pressure their suppliers to keep the cost low. Remember all those Hong Kong suicides a few years ago?

Most of those Walmart employees are kept at less than 40 hours a week at minimum wage so that Walmart doesn’t have to pay benefits or provide sick days etc. Do we really want an entire nation working but still living at poverty level?

No, I certainly do not want the cold, heartless, greedy people running Walmart in charge of the country. I think we’ve had enough of that and look where it’s gotten us.

Our retired seniors get both Social Security and Medicare, such as it is. If Walmart were in charge, they’d get nothing. And neither is “broken”. What’s broken is a Congress that is more concerned with preventing our current president from getting anything done to prevent his re-election, than to do anything to help the citizens of this country.

The owners of Walmart have paid fewer taxes every year for decades and they have NOT passed their profits on to their employees. They are no job creators. They are the 1% and I will not protect or make excuses for their greed.
They have gotten away with this because they own the 1%ers making the laws, laws that only benefit the 1%.

I say throw the 1%ers OUT of Congress and start abiding by our Constitution instead of doing end runs around it, ignoring it and rewriting it.

Money is not speech and corporations are not people. Government should serve the people, not corporations.

I am not a moron because I do not shop at Walmart. EVER.

I’m one of the 99% that wants the 1% to pay their fair share.


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