The wait is over.

I’ve waited the majority of my lifetime for this.

My Lightning Weaver has arrived.
It’s probably older than I am. It originally sold for $1.50. I paid over $100 and was glad to do so.
My Mother has a Junior Lightning Weaver. They brought it with them from Connecticut.
I’ve used it since I was a child. I always wanted one of my own. When I found out there was a standard version that was adjustable, I’ve been on the lookout for one.
I found one on eBay after doing searches for years.
It arrived today.
I’m ecstatic.
I can’t wait to start weaving 12 different size squares, then seeing what combinations I can use to make different patterns.
I plan on weaving a light summer blanket.
If I won millions in the lottery, I think I would buy the patents and start manufacturing these little weaving machines again. I think they are the best design I’ve ever seen.

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