Taxing the poor

No, I’m not talking about Boeher and the Republibaggers. (yet)

I’m talking about the lottery. The wealthy don’t play the lottery. They don’t need to. It is only the poor that play. It is an act of desperation. It is an additional few dollars a week wasted in the desperation that they might get lucky. No, chronic gamblers don’t play the lottery because they know what a scam it is. But for the working poor, the lottery is a dream that only costs a few dollars a week. Someone wins. Why not me? The odds may be a billion to one, but that only means I have just as much chance as anyone else of winning. And if I do, I’m set for life; all of my worries are pretty much gone. Yes. Money can buy happiness.

And speaking of scams, in California they passed the lottery law promising that any money raised would supplement schools. That lasted exactly one year. Then the legislature passed a law and the lottery money went into the general fund as part of school funding. So for every dollar the lottery raises, a dollar is withheld by the state. So SCHOOL FUNDING STAYS THE SAME! Nope, school just can’t win.

So beware what crap the G NO P feeds you about making taxes fair for everyone. It’s all a lie. A lie designed to get the rich out of paying their fair share and balancing their budgets on the poor, their budgets that benefit the rich and not the poor (because they are eliminating all of the programs that are designed to benefit the poor). Oh, and you middle class people? You think you’re middle class? Look again. You’re sinking farther and farther down into poor territory.

Most of all, take a close look at the income and taxes of the people that are telling you, you should pay more, or you should GET less. There’s a good chance they have MILLIONs of dollars.

And you don’t.

Unless you win the lottery.


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