Just in time for Christmas!

Finally, after many years I can enjoy my all time favorite album of all time.

Christemas in Anglia with the Ensemble for Early Music, Frederick Renz conducting on the Nonesuch label library of congress 79-750390.

I bought this new when it came out in 1978 and loved it. I bought a lot of Nonesuch at the time. I babied the album and made a back-up cassette copy to listen to in the car so I wouldn’t wear it out. Later I came across the album on a commercially released cassette and bought that too. I bought a second album used a few years ago as a back-up in case my original vinyl got scratched or heaven forbid, broken or warped.

I’ve looked for years for this album on CD but to no avail. Apparently there is some sort of issue over copyright and the consensus seems to be it will never be released on CD. That is a pity.

But…due to the miracles of modern technology I have converted my analog album to digital form and will be storing it and enjoying it in iTunes. Can I do this? Yes. I can. It is called archiving, is part of fair use and as long as I own my original, (well, originals really) I can have Christemas in Anglia in iTunes. I may even burn a CD backup just in case my laptop goes and my back-up harddrive fries at the exact same time.

Yep, belt, suspenders and length of rope.

Man, I just love this album. It’s September and I’m listening to it now as I back it up.

Now I have to dig up my Golden Dance Hits of the 1500s.


2 Responses to Just in time for Christmas!

  1. Jim Clark says:

    Well, among my favorite Nonesuch LPs as well..as is the Archive Golden Dance Hits of 1600. I am no “progressive” but we sure agree on this!

    • mlaiuppa says:

      I love my Golden Dance Hits almost as much as Christemas in Anglia. Now that it’s digitized I think I’m going to tackle my Golden Dance Hits album. I don’t think it’s in as good a shape so it will be an opportunity to learn how to eliminate pops and clicks in Audacity. A project for this Christmas vacation.

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