I find that Target commercial offensive

Target is running a commercial about back to school. It has fake teachers extolling what they’ll learn and then listing a lot of stuff the parents will need to buy for back to school.

It’s totally unrealistic.

First of all, they won’t need glue, tape “that sticks” or glitter because they’re not going to have any art projects unless they’re in kindergarten. And you don’t let kinders use glue and glitter. Not if you’re a “good” teacher and know ANYTHING.

You don’t study dinosaurs, planets and fractions in the same grade.

No one has mammals at classroom pets. If you’re lucky, you’ve got fish. Certainly not hamsters. Lewis and Clark would be U.S. History. Maybe 4th grade, certainly 8th grade. Neither are going to have live hamsters in class.

So you can forget your Ms. Bubbly Teacher. No teacher is going to send home a list of supplies parents must buy that will bankrupt the average urban family.

Unless you’re in private school.

What do they need? In Elementary, nothing except a backbpack. Uppers (4th, 5th) maybe a binder and a real Ticonderoga pencil (not mechanical).

Middle and High: Backpack, Binder, notebook paper, dividers for different subjects, pocket for holding supplies; two ballpoint pens, preferably black, two pencils sharpened. Don’t buy mechanical pencils. The lead is too soft and breaks. The broken pieces end up on the floor to be stomped on making the floor dirty. We don’t have the custodial hours to wash the floors except for twice a YEAR. The mechanical pencils don’t write dark enough to be read easily. DO NOT SEND: markers, scissors, glue, hole punchers, etc. The school will supply those if needed. Any child caught with a marker will have it taken from them as they are used for graffiti. If they have notebook paper in their binders they don’t need a hole punch. They just empty the “holes” on the floor. The floor is only swept 2-3 times a WEEK because of reduced custodial hours. Likewise they do not need scissors, glue or tape.

Yeah, we all know that Target is just trying to get you to buy as much as possible. And we know that schools can no longer supply what they used to. But the reality is, that with the focus on standards and standardized testing, schools just don’t do the fun projects in class they used to.

So there will be no Lewis or Clark for you to hamster-sit over the holidays.

Aren’t you relieved?


2 Responses to I find that Target commercial offensive

  1. Carolyn Brown says:

    I absolutely Love the back to school commercials especially the music teacher one. The tunes are wonderful ! Who cares what the words are. The beat is catchy. Makes you pat your foot and try to sing along. Love, love, love them.

    • mlaiuppa says:

      If you love the catchy tunes and cutsey words, that’s fine.

      I’m just saying you don’t have to buy all that crap they’re trying to convince you you need for back to school.

      Because you don’t need it.

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