The intelligence of dogs.

We dog owners know the truth. Dogs are intelligent. They’re sneaky. They’re manipulative. If you’re stupid you’re not likely to feel guilty over doing something you know you shouldn’t have done. Dogs wear their guilt on their sleeves. Any dog owner who has come home from work has just to take one look at their dog’s face before they *know* and go looking for the damage.

I was unloading the car today and set some things inside the gate, going back for another load.

When I was bringing things in I noticed the plastic bread bag my Mother had given me was torn and lying in the back yard. It had contained beef rib bones for my dog. The little sneak had stolen it. He had two bones out already. I took the rest back, rebagged them and put them in the freezer. I told him he could have the two dirty ones he had left in the dirt.

He spent the afternoon working on them. Not just any old chewing. No sir. My dog has learned to use “tools”. He picked the bone up and laid it on the rim of the fountain. (Dry because the pump needs replacing. ) He then held it with a paw and with the bone hanging over the edge, proceeded to gnaw on it. This was not by chance but by design. He held it with his left paw, gnawing on the right. He then switched to his right paw and gnawed on the left. He even slid it over and held it to the sides with the bone sticking up to chew on like a lollipop.

Now he may not have built the fountain, but he recognized a use for it for a specific purpose. It was just the right height so he could chew while standing up.

I used to think my dog was pretty stupid, being part Afghan Hound and they score pretty far down the dog intelligence scale.

But now I’m not so sure. I think he’s a lot smarter than I give him credit for. He’s certainly got me trained.


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