Monopsony. Just another word for evil.

Read this article carefully.

This is what they’re planning to do with public education once they privatize it. There will be only 3-4 major EduCorps. They’ll own most of the schools. They’ll turn out product (students) on the cheap and their labor force (teachers) will be non-union so they can reduce their pay and eliminate benefits and pensions. They can’t outsource them and they can’t hire illegals. So they’ll bypass some of the expense by using Teach for America to provide a steady stream of short term, turnaround employees. It won’t matter if test scores sink or mandates aren’t met. Because there will be NOTHING else in place. Public schools and qualified, experienced educators will be gone by then including the infrastructure that provided them; university education departments and master teachers to act as mentors.

Monopsony. Just another word for evil.


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