Have you ever been so disgusted?

The lawyers of the Los Angeles School district are cross examining teacher librarians in an effort to fire all 87 of them. They actually said to the judge "We would like to prosecute them all."

 Treating teachers like criminals. 

And I’ll bet the money they’re spending on lawyers and renting the hall and furniture would pay the salaries of the librarians they’re trying to fire.

Is this what we’ve come to? In an effort to get by on the cheap, all sorts of heinous legal loopholes are being dusted off and trotted out to try to bypass the authority of the state of California. The state of California issues teaching credentials and the state alone has the authority to say who does and does not qualify for that credential. When it’s issued you can legally teach the subjects pertaining to that credential. It expires on 7 years unless it is renewed. 

Now the Governor just announced there is $6 BILLION more dollars in the budget than expected. It’s going to schools. Some this year and some next. I’ll bet LAUSD is getting something in the neighborhood of $50 MILLION DOLLARS. They could stop these hearings right now. 

But they won’t. 

Probably because the politicians have taken over the schools and they have an agenda. 

Break the unions. 

Destroy just cause and make all teachers at will employees. 

Hand over education to charters and for profits.

Of course, using this business model will result in lower test scores and poor quality teachers because only the most incompetent will bother to apply to teach, probably because they’ve failed at everything else and think it’s babysitting with a lot of time off. They’ll quit in a year or two and the process will start over again. There *will* be a teacher shortage but salaries will not be raised to attract applicants. No pensions. No healthcare. (Because you’re part time.) 

Your politicians won’t care because their kids are in private schools. Likewise the über wealthy won’t care because their kids are in private schools. The Republicans want a population that is illiterate and easy to manipulate and suppress. They want to replace illegals with U.S. citizens that will take any job for any pay. That is where this is all going.

After a decade of the for profit education failure. BILLIONS will be spent trying to restore and rebuild a public education system that was NOT failing to begin with. It will take 20-30 years to try to rebuild public education. Maybe this time the public, politicians and the media will respect teachers as a profession. Maybe this time the public and politicians will listen to the experts: TEACHERS!

But I doubt it.


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