Excesses of the rich.

Some of the talking points being handed to us by Walker and his cronies are that giving tax breaks to the wealthy provides jobs.

I caught an example tonight.

Some spoiled wife just spent $32,000 dollars on her spoiled brat’s 6th birthday party. And her husband let her. He gave her a budget of $10,000 for this child’s birthday party, then let his wife triple that. That party costs more than my car costs and I’m still paying that off. Oh, and the kid got a car for her birthday. A little electric mini-golf cart painted pink sort of thing.

Oh, yeah, that provided plenty of jobs.

The party planner. The baker. The owner of the spa. The owner of the dress shop. The guy who owned the horses and carriage. Costume rental.

And $100 to her son and his friend to dress up and deliver the hand written birthday invitation scrolls.

They spent more than most couples can afford for their wedding.

I’m sorry but there’s something obscene about spending what amounts to a year’s wages for many families on a birthday party for a six year old.

These are the people that Governor Walker gave tax breaks to, raised the deficit and now is expecting teachers to pay for.

These are the people that Republicans gave tax breaks to claiming they’ll provide jobs and stimulate the economy.

I don’t think there are enough six year olds, nor enough party planners to do that.

I also think this is an example of the excesses of the rich who only want to take more of our money, eliminate our rights so they can take even more of our money, until we are all poor and they have all of our money.


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