Iowans join The Stupids

Iowans are being asked (by teabaggers) to vote against several judges because they have ignored the “will of the people” in their rulings.

News folks. The “will of the people” has no place in the court. Judges are only concerned with the “rule of law”, which fortunately overrides the will of the people. Thank goodness. If not, Rosa Parks would have been beaten to the back of the bus, women would still be barefoot in the kitchen, and only rich, white males would vote.

Oh, and Iowa, if you want to get rid of “Activist” judges you might start with those that actually are activists…like Chief Justice Roberts. Just because you don’t agree with a ruling doesn’t make a judge an activist.

Unless you are a fascist. Are you fascist Iowa?

Colorado and Kansas are joining in on the Stupid Wagon for the same reasons.

There’s a reason we have laws.

The judges are staying out of the mess in these states as they feel politicking has no place in the courts and they are right. In fact, all judges should be appointed and not elected in order to avoid any conflicts due to campaign contributions.

So Iowa, Colorado and Kansas. You’ve joined Alaska and Texas in vying for most stupid state in the U.S.



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