Eat right, exercise hard, die anyway

My cousin passed away this morning. He was 63. He wasn’t much older than me.

He was a farmer. He ran an organic farm, raised his own animals and ate healthy. He ate healthier food than I have access to. As a farmer he was also in much better shape. Taking care of the animals and the fields is physically demanding and for a man his age, he was in great shape.

He died of brain cancer.

He didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, didn’t do drugs.

But he couldn’t support the farm entirely on it’s own. So…he supplemented the family income doing hazardous waste cleanup for the county.

My 80 year old parents are once again making the trip back home to attend the funeral of another family member. Only this time it is not a parent or a sibling….it is a nephew. Someone the age of their own children.

My cousin passed away this morning after fighting brain cancer for over a year and being in a coma for the past few months.

He should have lived to be 100. (We are long lived in our family tree.)


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