How stupid is the Republican Party?

Today I received a faux census letter from Michael Steele.

It seems I have been specially selected for it as a representative of the Republican Party in my district.

I’m a registered Democrat. It is not a secret.

I’ve never given money to the Republican Party.

The questions are obviously skewed to support the GOP position. Sorta like those “do you still beat your wife” questions.

But I answered them all in a way the GOP will not like.

And then we get to the money question. Literally a money question. The entire purpose of the “census” is not to illicit information but to ask for a donation. $15 to defray the cost of the census? Really? Postage both ways is less than $1.00. Printing for all of those pages is also less than $1.00.

Postage paid return. Well, I stuffed it with extra paper and cardboard as much that will fit. I only wish I could find those really big washers I had to add a little weight. I considered stuffing it from my penny collection but they’re pennies and I don’t want to give them money, I want to cost them money.


I hope the GOP continues to obstruct, speak stupid and do dumb all the way up to the 2010 elections. The American public needs to be constantly reminded as to who got us where we are now and who is preventing the current congress and administration from dealing with the crap of the Bush legacy.

Remember. This party wanted to give us Palin in the White House. They should be punished.


One Response to How stupid is the Republican Party?

  1. Poker Face says:

    Absolutely right!
    Also, that fake census is in violation of federal law.

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