Are all Alaskans stupid?

How can Alaskans love their dogs so much

and hate their wolves so much?

And entire pack of Yukon/Charley wolves was killed by helicopter. Two of the wolves wore collars, the shooter saw the collars and shot them anyway. The agreement between the state and the national park service was that no collared wolves or their pack mates would be shot. The two wolves that were shot were part of a 16 year scientific study.

When will Alaskans stop voting against their own interests? Facebook groups are already mobilizing a boycott of Alaska as far as tourism goes. Alaskans voting for Sean Parnell who appointed unqualified asshats like Corey Rossi, a friend of the Palins, to a position he has no right to have. He doesn’t have a college degree, but they waived that requirement for his recent appointment as Division of Wildlife Management. He’s not a biologist. His previous job was eradicating invasive species – a professional killer whose nickname is the “gopher choker”. His first mission is to obtain $100,000 in public funds to do a high-quality video about the joys of killing wolves and bears in Alaska. The fluff piece on why it’s OK to eliminate 80-100% of bears and wolves in some areas.

Wolves and bears that tourists travel to Alaska and pay lots of money to see.

Way to go.

Read more about it at The Mudflats and Just a Girl from Homer. There’s also a piece at The Immortal Minority.

And while you’re at it, write Discovery and A&E and tell them you’re not interested in any reality show associated with Sarah “The Quitter” Palin.


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