Move your money.

Where do you bank?

Bank of America or a small local bank?

Chase, Wells Fargo or your local credit union?

If you’re in a big bank, move your money.


Because your small local banks are lending money to business and the big banks are not.

If you want this economy to recover, we need to support our businesses, and businesses need loans to function. They just do. I won’t go into the complications. But as long as the big banks are sitting on your money (and still using it to pay obscene bonuses to the very people who caused this economic situation) the economy will not recover. That effects jobs and home values too. And as long as your money is in a big bank, you are part of the problem.

So, if your car loan is with a big bank, get it paid off.

If your savings and your checking is with a big bank, close that account and open one at a local small bank or credit union. And while you’re doing it, tell the big bank exactly WHY you’re taking your money out of them and when you open that new account tell the little bank or credit union exactly WHY you’re trusting them to use your money to lend to businesses that will heal our economy.

Every little bit helps.

And this is a small, easy, simple way for you to do your part.


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