Superbowl Sunday? Again?

The Superbowl is an inconvenience. At least they have it during the day on networks I normally wouldn’t watch on a Sunday afternoon anyway. It doesn’t disturb the evening programming so no worries.

Tonight, I’ll be watching Emma on Masterpiece Classics and taping Holmes on Homes on HGTV.

I think organized sports is a disease related to political parties as part of the weakness of the human condition.

I enjoy playing some sports. The only thing I enjoy watching is ice skating (not hockey) and ballroom dancing. And their claim as a sport is minimal. Why not call ballet a sport?

I can catch the best commercials later on YouTube or on TV as they air them again. Considering the cost, I don’t think any company does what Apple did in 1984; air a commercial once and never again. Nope. They show them again and again and again. I’m happy the super bowl inspires the advertising creativity that is does, but even there they are getting lazy. Now the companies have contests for fans to make commercials to win a prize. The prize (even for $1 million dollars) is still a lot cheaper than I’m sure it would have cost to develop and produce the commercial in house or on contract to an advertising firm. And for some of these “fans” I’m sure the prize didn’t offer much left over after covering production costs. Some of them are aspiring directors/writers/producers and think of this as their big chance to enter the business. Who knows how many spend money they don’t have only to lose the big prize. And you sign away your rights to boot.

The superbowl commercials have become as lazy as reality TV.

This afternoon while the Superbowl is on, I’ll be watching The Puppybowl and with the Kitty Halftime Show on Animal Planet. They’ll run it a few times so I’ll probably tape at least one of them.

I have the DVDs for the first four Puppybowls. They get better every year. I don’t have the DVD for last year but hopefully it will be on sale soon when Puppybowl VI comes out.

I am so grateful to Animal Planet for offering this alternative programming. And they must be gaining viewers because the show gets a little better every year. Who wouldn’t like watching puppies play for two hours with a kitty playtime intermission? I think the bowlcam is one of my favorites. They’ve had that since the beginning and I think it was a brilliant idea. A glass bottomed water bowl where you get a fish-eye view of puppies licking up water. And the occasional mis-placed foot. They have plenty of sports related squeaky and plush toys to play with. They’ve been socialized so they play with each other. The umpires come on occasionally to clean up “accidents” with appropriate signals to the camera such as “off sides”. But mostly it’s puppies and some musical background and an announcer that calls the “plays” using the puppies “names”.

All of the puppies are up for adoption and many are mixed breeds. Their biographies are on the Animal Planet website and you can vote for most valuable player. There are some other games and links on the website to play around with. And of course, a link to PetFinder in case you want to adopt a pet.

And like any bowl game, there are commercial sponsors. But they are not intrusive. It’s usually a pet food like Eukanuba (that also sponsors one of the dog shows) and Bissell, because they use those machines to clean the game field carpet.

Right now I have Animal Planet on waiting for the Puppy Bowl. They have greatest animal commercials, not just from the U.S. but international. I always enjoy these. Some are even past superbowl ads.

All in all a great day.


One Response to Superbowl Sunday? Again?

  1. Agreed. I too find the superbowl singularly uninteresting- now animal planet is a completely different story 🙂

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