If you missed it, it’s not too late.

As they’ve done in year’s past, Animal Planet is repeating the Puppy Bowl immediately following the first airing.

You can still catch it.

It is also out on DVD.

This year Pedigree took over from Eukanuba. Bissell still sponsored the kitty halftime show. Twizzler’s sponsored the hampster blimp. And I think KitKat has something to do with Andrew and the locker room. And the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association?) sponsored the bowl cam. The advertisements may not be Superbowl material but the action couldn’t be topped.

I loved the bunny cheerleaders. I loved the hampster blimp cam. The tailgate party is back again.

I thought the kitties were a little too lay back this year. Like they were filmed during nap time or something. One kitty was really tearing into a catnip mouse. But the rest pretty much just sat their looking at all of the twirly things whiz around. There was no chasing or cute antics as in years previous.

The bowl cam is still a hit.

Andrew the referee was back.

The puppies were quite endearing.

For those wishing to adopt, I’m afraid this was filmed last October so all of the puppies, kitties, hampsters and bunnies are spoken for and have gone to loving forever homes. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Check PetFinders or your local shelter for pets looking for a loving, forever home.

And please spay and neuter.


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