Well, lookee, lookee.

“ConAgra uses only sugar or honey in its new Healthy Choice All Natural frozen entrees. Kraft Foods recently removed the corn sweetener from its salad dressings, and is working on its Lunchables line of portable meals and snacks.”

Sugar is making a comeback. No wonder there are those propaganda commercials touting high fructose corn syrup as “natural”.

A lot of companies are listening to consumers, and more importantly, looking at their bottom line as customers avoid their HFCS laced products. In reaction, they are reformulating their products and dropping HFCS and using cane sugar instead.

While sugar isn’t good for you either, it’s certainly better than HFCS. Good!

Now I’m searching to make sure that when you see “corn syrup” on a label, it’s not HFCS. Because there *is* a difference.


2 Responses to Well, lookee, lookee.

  1. Cynthia1770 says:

    Some food manufacturers are listening to customers, others are
    trying to maintain the deception. I was reading the ingredients on
    a fruit-flavored water: no sugar,good; no HFCS, good; no fructose, good;
    but wait… there’s levulose. I looked up levulose. LEVULOSE=FRUCTOSE.
    To your health.

    • mlaiuppa says:

      Yes. You have to read very carefully. At some point I’ll need to get an iPhone or something to access the web while I’m shopping so I can look up all of the words I can’t identify. They are finding all sorts of ways to disguise HFCS and worse.

      Easiest thing is to avoid anything with “-ose”.

      Or make your own from scratch.

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