Stupid is as stupid votes.

I can’t believe the voters of Massachusetts could be so self-centered, brainwashed and stupid as to elect that teabagging liar. In doing so they’ve not only shot themselves in the foot, they’ve also forced the rest of us to suffer through the continued obstructionism of the GOP, the party of NO.

I will never forgive the voters of Massachusetts for forcing us to suffer because of their shortsighted selfishness.

“TOLD YOU SO” won’t help when that teabagging liar starts spewing his racist hate. You’ll never see that “man of the people” driving that pick up truck again now that he’s elected.

Let’s just hope centerfold guy has more brains than the beauty queen governor they almost foisted on us.

And to think MIT is in Massachusetts. They must import all of the smart people to teach and go to school there. Obviously Massachusetts is a lot dumber than people give them credit for.


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