Progressing to a healthier gut.

I read an article on Huffington Post about healing your gut before you can begin to identify or address other problems. (check my past posts, I may have linked to it from here.)

While I didn’t take all of the supplements suggested, I did start using probiotics. I take one Goodbelly a day in the morning with a carton of orange juice. (Still no sugar and HFCS, plus I’ve reduce white rice and bread.) Occasionally I have some YoPlus+.

The article said it would take three months or more to start seeing changes.

A year ago I weighed 195.

Now I weigh 180.

I’m not eating less or exercising more. But I’ve changed the quality of my diet.

My blood pressure has been pretty consistently around 130/80 for the last year.

However in the last two months I’ve seen my blood pressure drop and a loss in weight. While not totally consistent, I am getting more readings below 120/70. I weighed 190 in October and am 180 now.

I slowly lost 5 lbs from eliminating the sodas with the HFCS and then eliminating the sodas with sugar. I lost another 5 lbs by reducing white rice and white flour, switching to brown/wild rice and whole grain breads and reducing how often I eat bread.) But another 5 lbs has come off for no particular reason at all. Except I’ve been using the probiotics for three months now. I don’t really think losing such a small amount of weight would result in such a dramatic lowering of my blood pressure.

While I am still sleeping 8-9 hours a night and taking 1-2 hour naps, I have noticed my acid reflux is less of a problem.

Could “healing my gut” result in weight loss and lower blood pressure? Maybe. We’ll see. I’ll tell you one thing it resulted in; less flatulence.

I have a CTA scan next week so I’ll know the state of my atherosclerosis by then.

In the mean time….doctors are hammers. To them the world is a nail in their compartmentalized little specialization. And none of them know much about diet. (Or natural dessicated thyroid). So take what they say with a grain of salt. Figuratively, not literally. You should be reducing your salt intake too.


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