Gotta love Jon Stewart.

The Daily show calls out Gretchen Carlson.

But I think he missed the point.

He made a big point of outing Gretchen Carlson from Fox for acting dumb. Looking up stuff like what the work “Ignoramus” means. Turns out she was valedictorian of her class, went to Stanford and also Oxford. (The English one.)

Jon. She’s not acting dumb for herself. Fox is condescending to it’s audience. Fox believes it’s audience is just plain old uneducated stupid. That’s why they feel they can spoon feed them any piece of inaccurate tripe and their audience will swallow it. And for the most part….they’re right.

She’s just identifying with her audience, making them feel comfortable and leading them down the primrose path of truthers, birthers and teabaggers.

But then you knew that didn’t you?


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