My next adventure

Right on time, the raw milk went bad. And I could tell this time. All in all a successful experiment. I like the taste. I think the next time I’ll try the smaller glass bottle from a different farm as I can return that one for recycling. This one was a plastic bottle. The Honey Nut Toasty O’s were fine, but since Cheerios don’t have HFCS I think I’ll go back to them. The healthy grocery store doesn’t have an equivalent and the Honey Nut ones are just too sweet.

Next adventure: Quinoa.

I bought a box of Quinoa at the healthy grocery store. I read about it in Sunset Magazine. There were two, a regular whitish one and red. The red was on sale so I bought that. If it’s halfway decent I’ll finish the box, then try the other and see if there is a taste difference. The same brand makes both.

You can make it like rice and eat it the same, but I think the Sunset Magazine had a recipe.  If it’s not too bad, I’ll hunt down the issue with the recipe and try that. I know I have it. I save an entire year’s worth of Sunset before I go through them one last time, removing anything I want and then recycle.

I picked up some basmati brown rice but I really like the blend I bought at Vons. It’s white, brown, red and wild basmati rice mixed. Really delicious.


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