Adventures in eating.

I know it is illegal to sell raw milk in some states, but not in mine.

Tonight I had a bowl of cereal with raw milk. I didn’t notice much difference since the cereal pretty much flavored the milk. But I’m giving it a try. The local healthy grocery store stocks it and it isn’t much farther than the cheap grocery chain. And for now, I have money to pay more for quality food. For some things, I’ll hit the cheap store. But the healthy store has products with no high fructose corn syrup so I’ll be going there a few times a month probably.

At any rate, I am keeping a close eye on the expiration date of the milk and keeping it refrigerated properly. No BGH. I haven’t checked their eggs or asked about free range chickens yet. I didn’t ask if they had grass fed beef either but I will the next time. The local butcher has free range chickens and their eggs but no grass fed beef. I’ll have to go to Henry’s for that if the healthy store doesn’t have them.

Oh, and regular Cheerios? No HFCS. Yay!

And I’m starting to feel better. Don’t know if it’s just psychological or because I’ve been off HFCS for over a month.


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