I’m cooking tonight.

I almost feel like Julie Powell trudging through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. But it’s nothing like that. Only I’ll be eating at 8:30 tonight. Bad for my acid reflux. But I won’t be going to bed for 4-6 hours so I guess it’s OK. And I’m not cooking from scratch. Although I did make a salad. Greens from a bag and my Mom’s cherry tomatoes. I have fresh cucumbers too but I don’t have the energy to peel and slice them, then bag up the leftovers.

I shopped at Windmill Farms today. Bought organic stone ground lots, gluten free pasta, quinoa (red was on sale), some raw milk (going to give it a try) and found some whole wheat crackers that don’t have corn syrup in them. Plus various other fresh produce. And some herbal supplements.

Total? $130.00. Well, the herbal stuff was $30.00 by itself. I’ll go over the receipt later to make sure no mistakes were made but I’m sure it’s correct. I bought a lot of high priced organic stuff.

And….I bought a seafood stuffed salmon. I didn’t ask what it was stuffed with but I’m sure for what I paid there is no lobster in it. I’m allergic to lobster. If I throw up 30 min. after my dinner, then I’ll know there was lobster in it. But I suspect shrimp and crab and or pollock and perhaps even a scallop. It’s all ground up so hard to tell. It will be my first salmon dinner. Never had it before. The guy said 15 min. at 450 degrees so it should be done now.

Salmon and a salad. That’s it. I don’t have enough energy to make garlic bread. And a white nectarine for desert. I squeezed some lemon juice on the salmon patty and dotted it with butter. Thank you Julie and Julia.

My goal this week? To clean the kitchen enough to really cook. I want to make a spinach feta quiche.


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